In the new world of technology, it’s very common for job seekers to work via the Internet to find their employment. This is mainly because many employers have moved their application processes to the Internet – as well as their headhunters. In other words, if you want to find employment, your best bet is to do it online.

This is just as true for Baby Boomers as it is the younger generation, which is why some Baby Boomers are considering popular avenues to get their names out there, including social networking sites. If you have been thinking about social networking as an avenue for job seeking, consider a few benefits of doing so.

Recruiters Often Visit Social Networking Sites First

As mentioned previously, the new age of technology has brought about a lot of changes in regards to job searches. As a result, many companies are taking advantage of modern-day technologies to recruit and accept applications from candidates. Because social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have been created for the purpose of connecting with individuals and businesses, many headhunters and recruiters are taking advantage of these avenues to quickly review candidates’ qualifications with the hopes of finding that needle in the haystack.

It’s for this reason that experts suggest that Baby Boomers also take advantage of social networking. With job losses on the rise, there isn’t much out there, which means all candidates can use any edge they can get their hands on. Because social networking allows individuals to showcase their experience and even garner recommendations right on their pages (ie. LinkedIn’s recommendation system), Baby Boomers may find that the jobs their looking for may show up at their doorstep.

There are Even Sites for Higher-Level Professionals

For those who feel that social networking may not help them acquire the high-level employment opportunities they’re looking for, there are options in this realm. For instance, ExecuNet is a website that was created for leaders in the workplace (directors, VPs, CEOs). Members who join are able to connect with other members looking for employment through forums. They are also able to connect with recruiters looking for talented candidates. The site also offers business and career advice, and only helps promote positions paying $150K or higher.

The Financial Executives Network Group (FENG) is another site geared toward recruiting high-level professionals, mostly at the CEO or CFO level in the financial industries. Those who join as members (membership is free) are allowed to communicate with each other on financial job leads.

Just Be Careful

While social networking is an incredible vehicle for finding great job opportunities, putting your personal information on the Internet has inherent dangers. One is that you never know what predators are viewing your personal details. Another is that your information may stay out in cyberspace longer than you would like. So as you post your details, choose your information carefully. Also, be aware that first impressions mean everything, so be careful what details about your life you share.

Baby Boomers sometimes feel crippled by their lack of proficiency with the new age of job searching. But they don’t have to. If you are a Baby Boomer and feel it’s time to kick your job search into high gear, consider social networking as a route to take.

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