And More Guilt and New Perception

Diane to God:

Dear God, I wrote my letter to Molly, and I wrote her beautiful answer. It felt so good. Did I correctly pick up Molly?

I have been thinking about guilt and how it feels like a contraction and a narrowing of focus. Today I have been on the edge of sadness and guilt, and I try to think about expanding and what is good in my life and what I am wanting. I feel like I have both my hands raised up, and You are pulling on one and Molly is pulling on the other, helping me from sinking into despair and guilt.

Any other suggestions?

Your willing servant,

God to Diane:

My dear willing servant, willing daughter, willing friend, mother of dear Molly, rose in My heart, willing listener, willing asker, willing sharer, willingness of My Will.

You have correctly understood Molly. You have correctly understood your arms reaching up and Our pulling you up. I see you rise up out of your body and come, for you do know, dear one, that you spend time here with Us as well as on earth in your body.

Diane to God:

Dear God, I love what You said the other day in a Heavenletter:

“Notice My love; you have been looking elsewhere.”

Is it that simple? Will You elaborate on this idea?

When I feel hurt at Molly's passing, is that because I am not noticing Your love?

Your Work In Progress,

God said:

When thoughts of your little daughter's passing cause pain, think of Me more. Notice My love more. Think of Me more intently. Let go of the other thoughts. Putting your thoughts on Me is the cure. Switch your thoughts to a higher level.

Hurt is like peepers that go off. “Okay, time now to get back on the God track.”

If you can think of the beepers as signals of love rather than torment, you are already ahead, are you not?

Do not ask perfection of yourself. You are not less when you are hurt. You are merely sidetracked.

In missing Molly, there is sweetness, is there not?

We know that it is better to let go of control than to keep it. Control is a clamping force. How do you then let go of your ideas and your emotions without controlling them?

You do not make them go. You say goodbye to them, and let them go. That happens of itself when you turn to Me.

Do not hesitate to give Me your troubles. Do not be ashamed or feel unworthy to give Me your troubles. Give Me your pain as well as your love. It is My desire that you not only give Me your mountains but that you give Me your ant hills as well.

When you say goodbye to hurt, you gently close a door.

Turn to Me, Diane, and turn your thinking. Find another way to look at what you’re looking at. Come from a different angle. Turn your other cheek.

Ask Me more questions, dear Diane.

And, yes, Molly continues to thrive in Heaven.

Author's Bio: 

Gloria Wendroff grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that one day she would become a Godwriter™ and, through God’s words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, with a foreword by Bernie Siegel, M.D., is presently published in English, Greek, German, and Romanian.

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