Are you one of those people that set New Year's resolutions? If so, how often have you found that at the end of the year, you haven't achieved what you set out to accomplish? What would it mean for you if you could actually achieve your goals this year? Here are my keys to goal setting, why goals work, and some distinctions around goal setting that should help you actually achieve your New Year's resolutions for the new year!

Keys to Successful Goal Setting

1. Be specific.

In depth detail is critical. The more specific the goal, the more likely you are to obtain it. Make sure that you are crystal clear as to what your goal is.

2. Develop a powerful and compelling why.

The most important component to a successful goal is a powerful why. Develop a reason that inspires you. If you can't identify a powerful why, then review your goal to make sure it is something that you really want.

3. Put a specific time frame to each goal.

Have a specific date that you wish to accomplish your goal by. Write down and commit to this time frame.

4. Make sure that the goal is measurable.

How will you know when your goal has been achieved? Put a measurement system in place and stick to it.

5. Write down your goals.

Make sure that you include your specific goal, the date you will achieve it by, and how you will measure your success. Post your goals someplace where you can review them on a daily basis. If you review it every day, your chances for achieving your goals go way up.

6. Set goals on a regular basis.

Make goal setting a habit, not a once-a-year occurrence. Once you get into the habit of setting goals, your success will dramatically increase.

7. Share your goals with others.

By telling others what you are committing to, your chances for success increase dramatically. Ask the people that you share your goals with to hold you accountable by asking about your progress.

Why Goals Work

Goal setting works because it forces our mind to focus on what we truly want. Since your mind tends to create what you are focused on, goal setting is a great tool to help you achieve your objectives. Also, goals create a gap from where you are now to where you want to be. This gap creates positive pressure and motivation to move forward.

Powerful Distinctions

1. With goals we design our future in advance!

With goal setting, we can actually design what our future will become. This is a very powerful tool!

2. What am I doing today to make my goals a reality?

Ask yourself this question every day when you review your goals. Are your daily actions aligned with your intentions? If not, your goals will not become your reality.
3. Reasons first - answers second

If you create a powerful enough why, the how will take care of itself.

4. Pain vs. Pleasure - providing additional motivation

Provide additional motivation to achieve your goals by asking yourself the following two questions:
• What will I gain once I have achieved this goal? (positive)
• What will it cost me if I don't? (negative)

The answers will provide you with some additional incentive to make your goals a reality!

Tom's Success Formula

Goal + Powerful Why + Plan = Success!

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Tom Kelly is a Profession Business Coach that specializes in working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. He can be reached at (773) 907-0921, or at .

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