The Number 1 New Years Resolution is to lose weight. Who reading this has EVER made this resolution? Who reading this has ACHIEVED their resolution?

Who am I to talk about weight loss? I am still carrying too much weight and have since I was 12 years old. I have been on almost every diet/pill/fad/exercise regime that has been mentioned/hinted/told to me. As an adult at my most heaviest I was a size 28, and at my lowest I was a size 14. I am currently about a size 16-18 and working, working, working at getting back to being a size 14. I am sharing this with you because I KNOW how hard it is to lose weight. I prefer not to give numbers about weight loss, I prefer to look at my clothes, and how I feel, but for those who like numbers - I have lost over 50 kilos in the past 4 years, and am still waiting to get into that purple size 14 top and skirt hanging on the back of my bedroom door. I WILL BE wearing it at Christmas 2009!!! By publicly declaring this on my blog will be another tool in helping me reach my goal - because YOU are supportive.

I know the basic formula for weight loss, and I will share it with you, as a reminder to myself as well…. you must use up more calories than you consume! It’s simple but oh so freaking difficult.

Write down the thoughts that go through your head when you are ‘slipping up’. Are you making excuses? Are you blaming yourself, or others?

Look at what your thoughts are. Is their a common pattern? Do you eat more when upset? Do you eat more when you come home from work? Look at what your patterns are?

Change your old thought pattern. Replace your old negative thoughts with new positive, inspiring thoughts. Write them down where you can access them each time you feel like ‘slipping’. For example, mine is – “You are a beautiful success woman. You have complete power over what you say, do and think. You WILL be successful in your goals. You are a wonderful loving and loved person. Be kind to yourself.” I keep this in my handbag and read it if I feel tempted. At times I do slip, but by reading this little mantra to yourself it will reinforce how fantastic you are. It has nothing about weight loss on it, it simply lets you know how extraordinary you truly are.

Changing the way you think is the first step in successful weight loss.

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Helen Avaient is a Life Coach based in Brisbane, Australia. Her specialities include relationships, success & life coaching and motivational speaking.
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