There are two questions truly successful people ask themselves regularly. The first is, “What would I do if I had no limits?” The second is, “What can I do to destroy those limits?” Ask yourself those questions. Take time to really think about it.

If you had absolutely no limits holding you back, what would your life look like in the following areas? Financial: What would your ideal job or career look like? Family: What does a perfect family look like to you? Health: How would you look and feel if you were in your best physical condition? Spiritual: How connected would you be with your creator? Social: Would your personal and business relationships be improved?

Experience is not the best teacher; someone else’s is. Throughout history, successful men and women have astounded us with their ability to create the impossible. People actually called Henry Ford an uneducated, unrealistic fool. Ford decided that although it had never been done before, building an automobile was totally within his reality. Because one man pushed aside all of his limitations, the automobile industry is now a trillion dollar industry, employing hundreds of thousands worldwide and providing quality, nice looking transportation for the world.

Do you aspire to do better or be better? The things holding you back are any limiting beliefs about why you can’t do this or that. It’s all a lie. The truth is that there isn’t anything you cannot do. We’ve all been in situations when we have done a certain thing brilliantly, haven’t we?

In times of our great personal achievements, why are we so quick to call our greatness luck? Why can’t we believe that our greatness is natural and expect those situations to occur regularly? I believe we all have genius within us. We all have a gift that separates us from the rest of the world.

It’s our gift that makes us great. Your personal gift is whatever thing you can do better than anyone else. What is that one thing you do better than anyone else? For me, it’s writing. What I’ve found is that success in one area will transfer to another. If you will spend time perfecting your gift, you will become an expert in that area (assuming you aren’t already). Becoming great in one area will give you a confidence that only comes with success.

Confidence is the key that opens the door to all the desires of your heart. Whatever you want to do, you can do. If you think you have a physical, mental, gender, racial or any other barrier to success, it’s just that, a thought. Thoughts can be learned and unlearned. The concept of fear is a good example. Who teaches a person to be afraid? By the time some of us make it to adulthood, we are afraid of almost everything. The problem with that fear is that it makes people immobile. Rarely does a person take action unless he believes he can do a certain thing. No belief equals no action.

A belief is like a table. Four legs are needed to support that table. These legs are interchangeable. Each belief, like table legs, confirms in your subconscious why you either can, or cannot, do anything. If at any time you are dissatisfied with the results you are receiving, simply develop new legs that support a new belief. Beliefs are very powerful things. They can cause you to see what’s not there and to not see what really is there. A belief can be your best friend or worst enemy. The power of beliefs can cause you to experience extraordinary success or nothing at all.

We all know highly successful individuals, as well as those who are, in their own words, “A miserable failure,” and every point in between. What one thing separates the ultra successful from everyone else? Is it talent? Is it a powerful will to win? Were they born in a wealthy family? All of these scenarios are possible. But you must consider the multitudes of people who seemingly had everything going for them. They are in and out of rehab, having difficulties keeping relationships together, or worse.

In my research of successful people, I found that the one thing all successful people have in common is their incredibly positive thinking. Your thoughts are real. Something as simple as a thought can keep you from even applying to college or arrange it so that every computer in America has your software on it. The choice belongs to all of us. Either we make a conscious choice to succeed, or we choose failure by default. What we need to grasp is the idea that our thoughts create our reality. No one does anything great on accident. Success cannot be obtained by accident.

To achieve success in any area of your life (which is totally possible), there must first be a strong conviction that you can and will be successful. A person isn’t a failure until he quits. If you just won’t quit, you can be successful in every area of your life.

Examine your life. Now that you have the formula for creating new, empowering beliefs, you can destroy the beliefs that limit you. Right now, make a list of all your limiting beliefs and all your empowering beliefs. For the empowering beliefs, what can you do to strengthen them? For those limiting beliefs, what new beliefs can you replace them with?

Taking time to do this simple exercise can change your life forever. When positive change does occur in your life, I’d like to hear about.

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