No Messing.

Bulging cupboards, disheveled drawers, viral to-do lists, and untidy rooms make for a cluttered life. And when you live in confusion, it can be difficult to find clarity. Raking through drawers or rummaging in cupboards is frustrating and draining.

Granted, it’s not always easy to find the time to be domesticated, especially if you have a busy job or a family or both. Clutter litter-ally creeps up and wears us down to the point where we don’t know where to turn for sanctuary - even the very bedside cabinet is groaning with an overload of underwear. Why do we tolerate it?

Tidying is such a thankless task. And yet the rewards of creating an organized space cannot be overlooked because when you do, you feel so much better. A weight is lifted. You are energized and revitalized. As you tidy up, you find focus.

Even from cleaning out the smallest drawer in your desk or the biggest mess in your home. And it doesn’t have to take you all day because it doesn’t need to be perfect. You’ll be surprised at how much order you can bring to disorder in fifteen minutes.

Clear up the clutter and reorganize your state of mind.

Author's Bio: 

Thomas Chalmers is an executive coach based in Scotland. He works with executive, politicians, and entrepreneurs. . Michael Imani is a life coach based in Atlanta. He has worked with clients in six countries.