Listening to old tapes we play over and over in our head keep us from creating the life that we want, and deserve. Think of an old tape as a message that you retrieve, perhaps subconsciously, when confronted with an opportunity for growth. The message contained in this tape is essentially a lie.

The lie is centered on your worth and the message has been crafted most of your life by the wounds created by shame. The lie tells us that we are not enough. Here’s how the lie works:

The lie equals my worth; plus:
What I do; plus:
How well I do it; plus:
What you think of me.

These tapes in our heads, then, perpetuate this lie until we learn to erase this tape and replace it with one that contains the truth about ourselves. To stop the pattern, we must focus on the “Truth.” Here’s how the “Truth” works:

The truth equals my worth; plus:
God’s steadfast love for me; plus:
My acceptance of His acceptance; plus:
My willingness to be a channel of love and grace

The “Truth” declares you are enough. You do not need to be measured by where you think you should be, or by what you do, or by how well you do it or by how others may think of you. Instead, the “Truth” allows you to be more self-accepting, because no matter what, God will always accept you just the way you are, because you are enough. The “Truth” truly empowers you not to lose and it allows you to finally get rid of those old tapes.

You can now approach any situation with the thought that you can be successful. You need to know that there is always considerable value in the effort, no matter the end result.

The next time you hear this tape playing in your head, switch from listening to the “Lie” and replace it with the “Truth.” In this situation, the “Truth” will tell you that you will always be accepted and loved – not matter what. Above all, give yourself some grace. Avoid believing that only big choices or events will make a difference.

The most significant choices result from smaller, less glamorous choices. Simply choose to acknowledge the old tapes when they begin to play, replace the “Lie” with the “Truth” and begin to restore your personal foundation that will be based on self-acceptance and self-worth; not shame.

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