Huh!? How can I create subliminal messages and bypass all my yeah-buts and by the way, what the heck is a yeah-but?

Ever been working on your affirmations for success or other success strategies and heard yourself say in your mind, yeah-but I don't have enough money...yeah-but, I don't weigh 110 pounds...yeah-but, I don't own a BMW.

A yeah-but is a program that runs in your head and counteracts all your efforts at success.

It defines a position you have and keeps you at the place where it stays a problem instead of moving you forward towards a solution.

By creating your own subliminal messages you can get underneath those tape loops of yeah-buts in your mind.

They'll clear the way for you to achieve your goal through whatever success strategy you employ.

When we're told to do something, we usually weigh the pros and cons and then decide whether it's a good idea or not.

We do this consciously because we are aware of the suggestion we've been given. We're using the knowledge and reasoning skills that we've developed during our lifetime.

The subconscious mind does not have these skills. It's like a subconscious tape recorder. It doesn't have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and it doesn't judge the information it receives. It just takes it as truth and records it!

This Is A Good Thing...If You're Careful!

The only problem I have with pre-recorded subliminal message products can't hear what's on them!

I know, I know...that's the whole point of subliminal messages but hey, you're trusting your mind to people you don't even know.

The only way to know what messages are being slipped into your mind under your conscious radar is to trust the producers who created the subliminal message products. I don't know about you but I ain't that trusting ;o)

Even if you did trust the producers, there's still the fact that it's their words on the recording, not yours.

I've found a way around these problems.

Create your own subliminal messages!

Create your own CD or mp3 of subliminal messages according to what you want to work on at any given moment in your life.

This is entirely possible now with tools available at this site. I've got the e-book that teaches you how to make your own subliminal messages and it's simple. I like simple!

Even though it's now possible to create your own powerful subliminal message recordings, a word of caution.

Keep in mind that there are several factors which will determine whether your subliminal messages will be effective.

1. Use first person pronouns in your message (I or Me).

2. Use present tense (I have...I can).

3. Use positive messages (I am happy...NOT...I am not sad).

Be careful with this third one. Focus on what you want...not the negative of what you want. Another example, affirm "I am rich," instead of "I am not broke."

Experiment and come up with your own personalised subliminal messages that are a match for yourself and your situation.

To Your Success!

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Maureen Oliver is a Reiki Master/Teacher and student of success principles. For more information on using affirmations and success quotes to improve your chances of living a fulfilling and prosperous life visit: