You need to decide on your budget before you start your wedding planning. To this end it should be the most important issue for your big day. Your every little decision will have to be following the budget otherwise it will certainly be a mess. Without any surprise, you need to go for some discount options if you are on budget. Yet you may be able to choose some more luxury options if you can allocate more resources to your wedding. No matter you are having plenty of budget or not, you have to make it realistic so that you can start your wedding planning well.

According to some survey, an average wedding can be as expensive as USD25,000. You may be squeeze it to a smaller amount of money but the point here is that you should set your budget in a way that it should be a realistic one. You have to gather a lot of information before you make your final decision on the budget. You should never just think of certain amount and claim that it will be the budget of your wedding. I bet you will be in trouble if you set it in this casual manner. The best way to plan your budget is researching, researching and researching.

In order to set a realistic budget, you will firstly gather information of different items you need for your wedding. These items include, but not limited to, wedding invitation, wedding favor, gowns and dresses, wedding photography, wedding favor, reception and ceremony venue. The above is only part of the picture and you will need to create a full list of the items.

Once you get your list of items, you should try to gather the price information of the items. You will probably search for the prices on the web. Again, Yahoo and Google are our best friends when we are searching on the internet. You will need to know the average prices of all the items. With the average prices and the list, you can then estimate the budget you will need.

If you feel totally comfortable with the budget estimated, it is fine and you can go ahead to plan for your wedding. However, in most cases you may find the estimated amount of money not affordable. In this case you will need to squeeze the budget. You need to set the priority of the items in your list. You will try to firstly save budget on the items which are of lowest priority. For instance, if you think that your friends or relatives can help you on your wedding photos, you may cut the budget of this part and save some money.

If you have tried every method to cut the budget but it is still not affordable, you may consider a wedding loan. However, you should only go for this option if you can be sure that you are capable of repaying the loan after your wedding. Otherwise I will suggest you to try to further squeeze the budget so that it becomes something affordable.

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