Online shopping change the world as well as shoppers' and merchants' behavior. More and more people are shopping in the Internet and using it to get the best bargains in ways that people are not able to do, or not even able to imagine, in bricks and mortar stores. Online shopping opens up a whole new dimension to shoppers. When shopping online, it is like shopping the world's biggest and best shopping mall in your home. The feeling is just unbelievable.

To further lure online shoppers into buying, many online retailers have created an abundance of savings through their online promotions. Everything from free overnight shipping to last minute 50% off discount codes, price drop to buy one get one free offer, or instant rebates to mail-in rebates, are being offered by major Internet retailers to attract online shoppers. However, it is not easy to compare these discount offers between online retailers when there are hundreds and thousands online stores out there in the biggest shopping mall. Helping savvy online shoppers get the most from their online shopping are those online coupon correlation sites.

What makes online coupon sites so valuable is their ability to take online merchant's often cryptic discount information and offer it in a clear, easy to access manner. As online merchants are quickly becoming more price competitive, discounts are being offered at record setting rates. However, what would be good news for most shoppers can sometimes be a frustration in disguise.

With the lack of clear communication from online retailers on what discounts are available, many shoppers have to depend on their previous experiences, merchant's advertisement on site or through email, word of mouth, or online coupon sites to correlate all the discount information for them. Online retailers for the most part require an online coupon code to be entered in a dialog box at checkout to get certain dollar off or percentage off discount or other promotional offers. Many online coupon codes are hard to find without the right resource, and that is where online coupon sites come into play.

Online coupon sites offer visitors a targeted and freshly updated list of online coupons, rebates, sales and special discounts from around the Internet. Visiting online coupon sites is similar to walking into a virtual book of valuable coupons. These sites usually offers categories for valuable discounts on books, magazines, apparel, electronics, sporting goods, shoes, bedding, food, home and garden products, and more.

There are many different kinds of online coupon sites which offer different services or targeting different kind of online shoppers. Some online coupon sites use "cash rebate" to share their revenue with customers and exchange customers' loyalty of shopping through their sites. Some provide "virtual online shoppers' community" for online shoppers to share coupons or discount information with other online shoppers of the same interests. Recently, with different shopping behaviors in consideration, online coupon sites also start to develop niche sites to target different group of online shoppers, such as women shoppers, electronics shoppers, moms, ... etc.

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