Remember when we used thick, dusty reference books? Those days are gone; now we open our browsers and discover hundreds of online dictionaries, each offering different features and capabilities, leaving us…confused!

An online English thesaurus, or an online English synonyms dictionary, is a great tool that helps us to find the most relevant words in our sentences, whether technical terms, “tip-of-our-tongues”, or colorful usages that instantly transform our English writing.

By using synonyms, we enrich our English writing, rendering it professional and impressive, in turn transmitting to our readers how intelligent and creative we are. Using synonyms correctly in an otherwise humdrum essay, for example, can transform that text into a descriptive, clear, fun-to-read piece.

Numerous helpful solutions are out there in the internet; however, three components make an English synonyms dictionary valuable and effective. Make sure yours:

(1) Covers your field - Business, legal, medical, creative¯whatever. Many thesauri provide only general, limited lists.

(2) It’s auto-updated - An online thesaurus ensures that you use fresh terms¯essential in our word-intensive world that keeps bringing new terms and phrases almost every day.

(3) Is intuitive and easy to use - Most dictionaries require you to type a word and only then they start searching for synonyms, make sure your solution enables you to click on a word within your existing text and instantly suggest replacements.

(4) It features auto-enrichment capabilities - Auto-enrichment means that the thesaurus automatically
analyzes your text and “understands” the context of each word, thus suggesting only the most suitable

(5) Provides additional English writing features - The more advanced dictionaries provide you with the following features as well: grammar check, automatic text enrichment, punctuation check, proofreading and online spell check.

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