You want to be more organized but where do you start? Here are a few organizing tips to implement today to get you on the road to a more organized life.

*What about a gift that you received but do not love? Well, after you say thank you, you are the new owner, and it is your choice to do with it as you choose. The giver of the gift would want it to be used which means that you could “re-gift” or just give it to someone who will love it and make use of it. Don’t let it add to your stress by becoming a “clutter” item—an organizing tip to use on a daily basis!

*What about items that belong to family members that have been left for you to care for and store? This might be a child who has moved out or another family member who has simply asked you to store something on a temporary basis. Since your home is not a storage facility, set a date with the person to get the items or send you money to have them shipped to them. After that date you can (without guilt) take the items to charity where they will really be used.

*What about those items that at one time interested you? Remember, our tastes and interests change with age, time and experiences. A basic organizing tip is to live in the present and buy and keep only those things that interest you at the current time.

*What about all of those books that won’t fit on the shelves? Box some of them up and store them away. Make a note in your daily planner a few months ahead to remind yourself to rotate the books. It will seem as though you have a new collection of books!

*What about all of the photographs you want to display? To keep your tabletops from becoming cluttered with photo frames, an organizing tip is to hang photographs on the wall in attractive arrangements which will free up space on the tabletops and make them look less cluttered.

*What about the magazines and newspapers that clutter the living room? An organizing tip for any home is to use a small basket near the couch to store your current reading material as well as the TV guide. The TV remote can also be placed in the basket when not in use.

These organizing tips will help you start the process of getting your life organized and are just a few of the endless suggestions that will help you accomplish that goal.

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