Hi...we’re Jeni and Lisa...sisters and best friends!

Lisa is a wife and mommy to seven (yes SEVEN) wonderful kids. Her youngest is only 8 months old, and more than anything, she wants to be able to stay home with her. Her husband is a wonderful man, and a kindergarten a teacher (he’s just a huge kid at heart, so it’s his dream job), and as honorable as that is, they just couldn't live on a teacher's salary.

I’m (Jeni) also a wife and mommy to two very active, wonderful boys! Four years ago, my hubby had to quit his job because of a mystery illness that the doctors STILL can’t figure out. While it’s been great to have him home, it’s very hard to raise our little family on his social security disability income. More than anything, we want the means to get him to the best doctors in the country, and get him well.

Both Lisa and I KNEW that there was a business out there that we could do from home – we just had to find it. So, we set of on our journey. We researched and between the two of us, tried so many great businesses. To name a few:

• XanGo
• Zrii
• My Power Mall
• Omnitrition
• Melaleuca
• Pre-Paid Legal
• Don Lapre (eek!)
• Avon
• Candlelite
• Secret Shopper
• Discovery Toys
• Global Domains
• Pay it Forward
• Ugotitfirst

There are many more, I just lost track. While all these are GREAT companies that we REALLY believed in, we weren't able to make money in any of them.

Why? Simply because when it comes to telling people about my great business ventures, WE STINK! We were both losing friends by the bucket load because they were sick of us trying to recruit them. I’m sure other people are great at this and are now millionaires because of it, but I had to get it through my head that I’M JUST NOT GOOD AT RECRUITING PEOPLE!

There goes about 99% of work-at-home opportunities, huh? Sigh... (don’t you dare stop reading)


A few months ago, I found ITV Ventures. Lisa and I were both hesitant (obviously), but what caught our attention was that we wouldn't have to make calls, or recruit ANYONE! ITV Ventures would send calls to us! These calls come from people that have just watched a 30 minute infomercial, and are ready to buy!

I remember Lisa’s husband BEGGED her not to try YET ANOTHER home based business. lol After much research, she decided to go for it, and asked me to be her partner. YIKES! We actually had to borrow money to start the business.

We signed up at the first level, went through some great training, and began the Home Agent Program.

In the first two nights, we received (key word: received) NINE calls. Out of those nine, eight people bought the product, and two of them wanted to learn more about what we do.

It was amazing!!! we earned back my initial investment the first TWO NIGHTS!


Four of those eight orders signed up for Order Assurance. That means that they will receive that same product month after month, and we will receive that commission, month after month. we don't even have to talk to them again.

Let’s just say that in one month, we sell $2000 in product (by people calling US, mind you), which is VERY easy to do. About $1500 of that will be repeat customers that receive their order automatically every month.

So then, the next month, if we sell $2000 in product again (very easy to do), We’ll have the commission from that $2000, PLUS the commission from the $1500 LAST month – And the pattern goes on and on!

That said, how sweet it is to make this statement, and believe it 1000%:

We both will have more than enough money to achieve our financial goals THIS YEAR!

And you can too. But we’re not going to beg, because we don’t have to. We’re going to and have more than enough money for our families whether you join or not. It’s your choice.

Answering the Call,
Lisa Fine and Jeni Roper
ITV Independent Business Owners
Our Blog: http://lisa-itv.blogspot.com

Author's Bio: 

Jeni is an author and an expert in marketing. She lives with her husband and 2 boys in Orem, UT.