Are you an active participant in the labor market looking for a job or career? Do you dread or endure negative experiences with job interviews? It is not fun to go through the process of looking for a job and being hit with objections from a potential employer in a job interview; yet, you just might become hired for a position you interview thoroughly for. You will become acquainted with how to possibly overcome particular job interview objections. We will cover role-playing scenarios.

Human Resources Manager: “The position you are interviewing for requires experience. According to your resume and job application, you do not possess the experience we require.”

Employment Applicant: “We all have to get our feet wet before we are thrust into the fire. Plus, the only way somebody can gain experience for a position is if he or she is granted the opportunity to learn and acquire experience. I am a quick learner and I am a person who is very easy to train.”

Human Resources Manager: “We like to bring on board employees who possess a stable employment history. Your resume and job application indicate you have never held a job for more than six months at a time.”

Employment Applicant: “I left my first job after a short period of time because it was an internship for my field of study I completed during my last year of college. My second job did not last long because my employer had to drastically reduce the work force to stay in business as a result of times being tough. I left my third job after six months of starting because it was time to move on.”

Human Resources Manager: “I think you are overqualified because you have had so many good jobs and you have vast management experience. You probably would not embrace being a waiter.”

Employment Applicant: “I understand you do not want to overpay me before I prove myself. I am willing to negotiate my salary; furthermore, I am not too proud to accept an entry-level position as a waiter.”

Human Resources Manager: “You appear to be an employee we would be thrilled to hire. However, we do not currently have room to hire a new employee. We will keep you in mind.”

Employment Applicant: “I understand. I look forward to working for you as soon as you have an opening. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Human Resources Manager: “You appear to be too quiet and laid back.”

Employment Applicant: “I do not like to interrupt others and I try to not appear to be too aggressive or talkative. I really have a lot of energy and ambition to be a valuable asset for your company.”

Do not let yourself have something to regret. If you are notified about not being selected for hiring after an interview, ask why you were not selected.

Do what you have learned to overcome job interview objections!

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