Shyness can be an unbearable problem, threatening to ruin your social life. It causes a lot of pain and makes you hold back from mingling with people.

Before fighting or overcoming shyness, you must always think about two important things. First, face your problems. Second, build up your self confidence so you can perform better in situations and progress in your everyday life.

Looking closely at these two simple steps will make you a little less afraid. Let us talk about the first step which involves planning ahead of time.

Taking this step is a gradual process that requires you to prepare for any minor activity that you have problem in doing - the simpler, the better. From then on, succeeding in simple things will help you build up self confidence that will naturally kill your shyness little by little.

You may start by writing a diary, jotting down events of each successful day you went through. Even the slightest success you made, no matter how little it may be, will help you. It is like recording and managing your confidence. So if the same scenario would happen again, you are confident enough to do what is needed to be done.

Motivating yourself is also crucial. Look at any changes and visualize them to help you overcome social anxiety.

Challenge yourself by looking for opportunities to practice your communication skill. Try to convince yourself that you have enough courage to hold a conversation with anyone. For example, when in a party you should try to have a simple chat with people around you.

The most important thing is to defeat your fear of confronting a person. Social anxiety may have affected your life over the years and in so many ways, so that confronting someone may be quite a challenge.

Relaxing your mind and even your body will help you remove all the tension you have been keeping to yourself. This can be removed by calming and relaxing yourself even at the most difficult moment.

Keeping yourself prepared will help you confront situations with ease. Rehearsing situations in your mind over and over will help you anticipate what can go wrong. Knowing what you will say and do, try to manage to be in control and handle the situation well.

The good part about shyness is, it can be defeated. Everyday in your life, practicing scenarios in your mind alone can help you go overcome shyness. Telling yourself that shyness is a big hindrance in your life will automatically give you the courage to fight back.

Shyness causes panic in your mind. Try to be calm and relaxed. Control your breath, slowing it down as much as possible and relaxing your muscles.

Try to be in control of situations. Practicing everyday three exercises (mind relaxing, breath control and muscle relaxation) will give you a great head start in overcoming shyness. Doing it will improve your courage in a progressive manner. There is no greater enemy than yourself.

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