From infancy to toddlers, children to adolescents, and, from young adulthood to maturity, we, as people, at large, are confronted and instilled with the benefits of vitamins. In some cases, individuals will conceive the notion that by increasing recommended daily dosages of a particular vitamin or vitamins, or, engaging the overdose of vitamins, in general, will enhance their respective levels of optimum achievement. However, such assumption can lead to serious complications, some, in posing considerable risks, such as a coma of a permanent nature or even death, brought about due to an overdose of vitamins.

Vitamins are a healthy supplement to people's daily diets, particularly, in compensating for the lack of clinically recommended daily vitamin allowances through inadequate eating habits, or, in other terms, a balanced diet, when taken as directed. However, upon a person increasing their daily vitamin intake by exceeding the recommended dosage and allotments, such overdose of vitamins is unhealthy.

Where children of younger ages are concerned, a misinterpreted or unintentional overdose of vitamins, particularly in those multiple vitamin formulation containing iron, poses hazardous factors. Within the natural and biological hemoglobin makeup, as a molecule contained in the blood, iron is the transportation component of oxygen to cells that are living. Small and normally recommended doses or supplements of iron permits the body's ability to restore the hemoglobin count. Unfortunately, when a larger than recommended or prescribed dosage of iron is administered to a young child, the effect of this overdose of vitamins can devastatingly result in either a permanent coma or death. In the event of an overdose of vitamins through iron, antidotes, through the practice of alternative methods, to include alpha lipoic acid, Dimercapto propanesulfonic acid or a sodium salt, known as unithiol, can be administered if determined and diagnosed in time.

Issue in the overdose of vitamins, where iron is involved, has its impact on both elderly men and women, as well as with women who are menstruating. In the demographics of individuals, due to either a natural and biological loss of blood or a lowered level in the body's production of red blood cells, will seek out a supplement to either propagate or, as the expression goes, pump up, the red blood cell counts. If the respective individuals ingest the recommended or prescribed amount of iron, as a dietary supplement, it can be beneficial. However, if an excessively higher amount of iron, which would result in an overdose of vitamins, is taken or administered, the body's absorbing abilities of zinc would be impeded. Zinc is a mineral that serves a dual purpose within the body, as in healing wounds and regulating the immune system.

Individuals who exceed the ingesting of vitamin A, as a supplement, by extremes not in accordance with either recommended or advised doses, is posing serious risks that fall into the scenario of an overdoes of vitamins. Such dangers to one's body can include serious damage to their liver, along with headaches, impaired vision and loss of hair.

Hampered mobility, numbness felt in either or both the hands and area of the mouth can possibly be a result as to an overdose of vitamins, where a higher than recommended or counseled amount of Bitamin B-6 is taken by an individual.

Many individuals believe that loading their respective bodies up with vitamin C can be a preventative towards the common cold, as well as a booster to the immune system. While normal, recommended and prescribed levels and does of vitamin C supports these matters in its effectiveness, overdose of vitamins in this case, leads to bouts of diarrhea and abdominal pain and stress.

Vitamin D, through the body absorbing it through normal sun exposure or sun bathing, in any amount, will never amount to an overdose of vitamins. By way of ingesting vitamin D, as a supplement, in an amount that exceeds the daily-recommended dosage, can cause complications in muscle functionality, along with the same ill effects to the tissues of the heart.

Recommended for lowering levels of cholesterol in particular individuals, Niacin can be effective. Ingesting Niacin, in a dosage amount to achieve such purpose, can also act as an overdose of vitamins, in presenting jaundice, along with damage to the liver.

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