I am delighted to announce a first-of-its-kind event where i will be joined on by Guillermo Aravelo, a Shipibo maestro (master shaman), ayahuascero, and vegetalista, for his first ever visit to England.

Guillermo is descended from many generations of healers and is a sought-after speaker and ceremonialist at major international conferences, a consultant to many authorities on Amazonian medicine, and the ‘star’ of several documentaries and feature films, including Jan Kounen's Renegade. Among other ayahuasceros, he is known as “the master’s master”.

Together with participants on these unique ceremonial events, Guillermo and I will explore the healing and visionary qualities of ayahuasca, the legendary “vine of souls” - one of nature’s greatest teacher plants, which is said to be born of a serpent.

Three ceremonies are held on each workshop, so if you choose to attend both events, you will be able to drink six times with Guillermo and myself.

Alongside these rituals, I will be offering workshops on plant spirit shamanism, healing, and connecting to nature and ourselves, opening the way for the deep healing that is possible from the vine.

We prepare for our ceremonies by following the shaman’s diet, just as it has been practiced for thousands of years by plant spirit shamans and ayahuasceros. Details of the diet will be sent to you on booking.

We purify ourselves with limpia - cleansing baths using special flowers and herbs to refresh body and soul, change luck, confer spiritual blessings, and open ourselves to the healing that ayahuasca can bring.

We also diet native plants for lucid dreaming which bring peace and balance so we are better prepared for, and more receptive to, the ayahuasca spirit.

Shamanic practices and attunements are also used to deepen your connection to the natural world and its healing powers, and during our ceremonies, icaros - sacred shamanic chants - will guide our journeys and call the spirits of healing and vision.

A few comments from previous Return of the Serpent participants
I learned so much! I am feeling much more love and openness for everyone and everything as well as having more clarity and strength. Exactly what I need! Ayahuasca is truly an amazing healer. Kirsty

The whole weekend was about love and its power and beauty. Ayahuasca works on - it still has that elusive call that draws me. Margaret

I got much more than I expected, and all the decisions I made at the weekend are sitting very comfortably with me. I am happy to have met so many fun, open-minded and open-hearted people. Kate

Workshop booking and details
There are two opportunities to join this event in October 2008 (you can also attend both if you wish):
October 22-25 and
October 25-28

Norfolk, England (residential)

£475 per event. Includes accommodation, food, tuition, and ceremonies.

No prior experience of shamanism, teacher plants, or plant spirit knowledge is required for these workshops, and no special tools are needed – just an open mind and an adventurous heart!

Email ross@thefourgates.com for an Information Pack and booking form. For enquiries, telephone Ross on 07854 459708 or Matt on 01730 262693 or 07881 444770.

Author's Bio: 

Ross Heaven, the founder of The Four Gates Foundation, is a psychologist, workshop presenter, and the author of more than 10 books on shamanism, plant medicines, and the healing traditions, including Plant Spirit Shamanism, Plant Spirit Wisdom, Love’s Simple Truths, and The Sin Eater’s Last Confessions.

He first visited Peru in the 1990’s to work with the ayahuasceros and curanderos of the Amazon and Andes, and with ayahuasca and San Pedro, the two legendary sacraments and teacher plants used by the shamans of these regions to heal the mind, body, and soul, and to unlock new levels of expanded awareness.

He now offers the same opportunity to others, with retreat programmes and sacred journeys to Peru where participants can work with indigenous healers and explore and expand their own awareness through shamanic encounters with visionary plants.

For more information about Ross and his work, visit The Four Gates website at: