Now here is something for you to consider; Our thoughts literally make our life. That is a fact. If we constantly think in terms of fear, problems, and disharmony, then that is what we will finish up with – we will be condemned to a life of mediocrity, envy and failure. If, however, we think only positive thoughts of courage, happiness and success, then we will not only just get that, but we will be blessed with the ability to successfully overcome any of the problems that life may throw at us. Believe it or not, thinking in positive terms really does enable you to tap into a wonderful source of creativity and enthusiasm. Within your reach then is the way to attaining greater energy, and the opportunity to achieving all that you desire in your life.
Sadly these days we will often find positive thinking attacked as old hat and outdated, and a bit of a gimmick, but the fact that it has survived for so long, and that so many successful people have lived and prospered by its principles, is a permanent tribute to its great power. So if you are one of those people who seem to have tried everything else but have still not found the key to success, why not give positive thinking a go. If you will apply and practice positive thinking, consciously and deliberately, you will find that it can effect the most astonishing changes, and in the process open up a whole new world for you. So, from this moment on, accept life, expect it to be great, and always think positive. You will be pleasantly surprised and glad that you took this step of faith.
There can be many reasons why some people are negative, and convinced that fate is up against them. It could be hereditary, that their parents were negative thinkers or that they were born into poverty where there seemed no possible way of escaping, and that the future was altogether without hope. Yet, look around and you will see that the world is full of people who were born sometimes into grinding poverty, and yet against all the odds have made it to the top, who have reached their goals, not because life was without any problems, but because they saw them instead as opportunities, as stepping stones to success. How are you going to do this? Read on.

Step One: If you go around feeling that most people, and life in general, have “got it in for you” you will always feel defeated before you even begin. With this destructive attitude of always playing the victim you will not recognise happiness when it comes, and any chances that arise will just pass you by. Instead feel good about yourself. This is very important because you must always believe, truly believe, that you are a person of great worth, and that you have much to give to the world. This is not to be confused with shallow conceit or brutish arrogance, but an acknowledgement of the realisation that you have many talents and gifts just waiting to be exploited.

Step Two: Live with a positive attitude. Make no mistake about it, the most powerful force in the world is an unshakeable positive attitude. It can overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties. It can change weakness into strength. It can literally alter lives and shape destinies. If you adopt a positive attitude you will be armed with the spring-board for a dramatically new and successful life. From this moment on then decide to live in a positive way. Live in the present, for in the present you can act – and often acting the part is the best way of sustaining and building up the positive feeling you need. Act as you would like to be, act “as if” you are now what you dearly wish to be. However, this is not to say that it will all come easily, for there will always be those who will sneer at positive thinking, claiming that it is a con-trick, because they tried it once and gave up at the first obstacle they encountered. They did not, or would not, understand the simple truth that weakness and negative emotions destroy any chance of successful living. A positive attitude demands effort and perseverance, indeed a lifelong commitment to radically change from the negative to the positive. But be assured that the rich rewards in success and fulfilment are well worth the effort.
Step Three: Be patient with yourself, and with others. When you think negatively you will tend to give up and lose patience whenever a problem arises, or when things go wrong. Indulging in juvenile tantrums through frustration and annoyance will only serve to make matters far worse. Do not be afraid of failure for some of the most successful people in the world have made mistakes, sometimes horrendous ones, but still fought on to achieve their goals. Have courage, be patient, and persevere, and whatever happens to you must never be disheartened by a few mistakes.

Step Four: Be confident. Nothing can ensure a positive outlook more than confidence. So, as you go through the day walk with confidence, speak with confidence, and deliberately seek out people or situations which you would normally find a challenge. Sometimes thoughts of worry and anxiety will suddenly appear as from nowhere. They fill us with dread and insecurity, and we appear to be at their mercy, and this is where we must be truly positive and confident. If we try to drive these negative thoughts from our mind without putting something else in their place, they will return again and again. The only way we can clear our minds is by replacing these negative thoughts with something that is positive and dynamic.

Finally, remember that negative thinking gets you nowhere, and nobody likes a loser. On the other hand positive thinking will open up more opportunities for you to grow and develop. It will help you to become a healthier person, more poised, more confident, and most important of all, a positive personality. The art of living a positive life must be acquired, and this can only be done when practised without fail each and every day. To go through each day with uplifting and positive thoughts in your mind adds greater resources and inner power than you ever thought possible. It will probably prove to be the turning point in the direction of your whole life.

May you live a life of love and fulfilment.

Author's Bio: 

Roy Burton MASC (NLP). Roy was born in Tottenham, north London. When he was 18 years old he enlisted and spent several years with the armed forces. Following his release, he worked for various companies, spending many years in the public library system. He has travelled widely throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, and is now based on the Isle of Wight. Roy has long been a student and advocate of self-development and has contributed many articles on the subject to various magazines and websites. He has long believed that anyone who has a well defined goal can, with determination and dedicated action, achieve the life of their dreams.