What would happen if we changed our views on relationships?

What type of people would we become if we were less co-dependent in relationships?

What if we were less the jealousy less the drama & put less attention on commitment?

Could there be more if we were less neurotic?

What if we looked at relationships with a panoramic view?

What type of passion could we be exposed to if Ego and Fear were dismantled and instead we let in complete love & no worries about tomorrow?

What type of people would we be if we looked at relationships through a glass shaped like a fish eye?

Would they be more GRAND?

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Karema Mcghee HHP, D.D. is the author of the Emerging Woman a holistic guide to health & transformation, she is also the author of Vagina Nemesis female power, she is a active health advocate and holistic health advisor, she adds a down to earth style to holistic living and what she calls her hip hop philosophy to living life healthy & free.