Sometimes we need a little "push" tosucceed.

I have conceived "success" in such away...that "failure" would not even make an... option.

My limitless motivation to succeed, hassupercharged my 'spiritual battery' for the ultimate path to financial deliveranceand wealth creation .

We, together, all in favor of Global Unification,have crushed the stumbling blocks of Inopportunity... gravity and conservativeway of thinking is not for us; here's your invitation to joining a groupof insurrectionists that have set, NEW STANDARDS in theconceptualization of another Wealthy Nation of Powerful Personas.

Should these wondrous thoughts, describe you myfriend, knock our doors... and we will open you the GATES, of an aristocraticlifestyle that you shall rejoice to eternity.

Yours in Life and In Print,



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George Papazoglou is the insurrectionist behind his anthological article may be freely republished, on or off the Internet, bythe provision that it remains 'untouchable' and contains this very last © 2004Copyright Protection Message.