Epochs ago I defied theconventionalism and pittance that rule this mortal world. I opted to commit to awondrous new Centrum of spiritualism only to finally discover the Genesis withinme; from that era... nothing ever looked the same.

Somehow I concurred with supremacysince remembering myself as an infant. Call it a charisma or whatever else youcould name it, yet this "Dominant Power" seemed to as of magic... surround my Psyche.

Using the power of the mind, youcan become a Peripatetic of your chaotic subconscious world. You have theability to wade via the Cosmic Chaos and crystallize even your most fantasticthoughts into reality.

"It's not amystery any longer... success is a derivative of a powerful mind that trancesthru the mysticism of the unknown and allows its' inner dynamic to palpate withinnovation. Now I know how to break through the chaos and return to this lifefull of renovation because my psyche is able to commute with the mystic powersthat command the Universe and control the masses with radiant thoughts of thesupernatural."

George Papazoglou - http://cosmicmaster.com- The 28th / June, 2005

Using hypnotictechniques and timely tested subliminal oriented scenarios, I am nowadayscapable to "sculpt my reality" by energizing the boundless potentialof my very own mind. As I put these words in electrons...using the Internet...as my imagination sparkles with innovatory reflections, I harmonize withSupremacy... I commit to modernization and YES - just like a ineffable Magician- I augur what the future shall convey for my entity - and for those around me; I dare to create invincible cyclones with the spur of any electrifyingthought fledged by my chaotic mind and remotely enthrall the Universe.

Allow me to sharewith you one intimate invention that can propel your intelligence, charisma andpowerness to the next level too - and dramatically manifest your life towardsunknown paths of success and nirvana: once you acoustically deploy specific affirmation messages in combination with subliminalprogramming, truly magical incidents can happen in your life. Bysubliminally implanting particular 'commandments' in your own mind with themedium of sound, you can transform yourself to a powerful personality as youhave had a magic wand on demand.

Unknown those are toyou, Distant Observer, these magical idiosyncratic waves of intellectualisticexpressions. Hereby I challenge you, to mentally craft your own prow and flowthru the ULTIMATE NIRVANA of a superior intelligence; our illuminati. 

Specially,enlightened you, Revolutionist, spared are my thoughts, all engraved and to bediscovered in the virtuality of the cyberspace at my eDiary

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GeorgePapazoglou is the Creator of the http://CosmicMaster.comand 'The Revolutionist'; a SubconsciousProgramming MP3 System.


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