Major Players in the Affiliate Marketing Industry like
Commission Junction, Linkshare & BeFree are losing an
armada of potential affiliates!

If you're actively involved in affiliate marketing, you've definitely witnessed the loophole to promoting merchants with big networks like CJ, Linkshare & BeFree.

These established pay-for-performance networks are becoming more and more self-centered, "selfish" and "advertiser-inclined".

Since these networks already profit by cashing-in the advertisers' contracted fees, they tend to gradually overlook fraud and business ethics.

If you're in affiliation with any of the big networks,
you've already encountered the loophole by yourself, like;
scumware, commission reversals, toll-free numbers, egocentric advertisers, rejections, apathy, inconsistent sales tracking, commission hi-jacking and other unscrupulous tactics, that cost you hundreds of dollars on a monthly average basis.

According to several statistical researches, a tragic 20%-37% of referred sales are lost, due to toll-free numbers that customers are "called to act on" and bypass the secure online registration, thus resulting in commission-loss for affiliates.

- However... Top Affiliate Marketers seem to Gauge the Dodge... -

As a result, a considerable number of average performing affiliates and "Super Affiliates", rely their confidence and investments in smaller pay-for-performance networks, that promise better service, ethical network management and dividends on all referred sales (including orders by fax, snail mail and by phone orders).

Savvy online merchants evade overpaying for pay-for performance and wisely decide to run their affiliate programs in-the-house, by leasing or installing powerful software like AssocTrac
(see web-site-promotion.gr/assoc).

- The Latest Trends in Associate Marketing -

* Savoir-faire affiliates already promote aggressively,
independently-run affiliate programs that value their
associates' efforts and reward the productive ones.

* New and promising affiliate networks like ShareASale (see web-site-promotion.gr/sas) provide low-cost solutions for advertisers and robust sales tracking for affiliates - plus fiercely combat merchant fraud.

* Home Based Businesses generate an ever-growing income by promoting informational products that track multiple sales with a 90-Day cookie (see Clickbank at web-site-promotion.gr/credit_cards).

More and more money-making opportunities emerge on the virtual horizon for the cyber-preneur who knows how to trek into one. Be a sophisticated, demanding and deliberate promoter and start targeting prospects with a laser-beam.

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