There's a hilarious yet so fruitful
money-making formula, that can be
deployed by anyone doing business
on the Internet.

Your goal is to generate cash and
abundance with your Web site, but...
you don't know how to prolifically
endorse your affiliated products.

For the fact that I've heard numerous
times, the substandard "objection",
which is "What's Wrong with my Web site?",
let me share this amazing, simple and
drastic "money-making formula".

Most entrepreneurs don't seem to be so
good with "hard-selling" techniques,
when it comes to promoting affiliate
programs / products on the Internet.

Please note that the recommended methodology,
is one (yet eloquent) way to market products,
or affiliate programs on the Internet.

Here's a powerful strategy to boot:

Step #1: Do your Research...

In order to develop a solid selling
strategy, you have to "meet" and
"entrench" with your target market.

* Forums are the "perfect" place to
conduct a research, before creating
a marketing strategy - not for
socialization purposes, *of course*!

Once you "virtually" meet your target
audience, start "recording" their
problems, concerns and inclinations.

Tip: Use Microsoft Access with tables
if you want to do it the scientific
way and merge several fields you
consider representative.

Step #2: You are a "Solution Provider"

Now once you created a "Problem List",
pinpoint your target market's problems,
with identical solutions (remember; you
are a Solution Provider).

Step #3: Become a Prospect Now!

This technique works so well, that even
the Devil himself uses it (just satiric)...

In step #2, you already indentified the
solutions, right Mr. Detective?

Now, once again, match the solutions you
compiled with the appropriate products,
which are a "perfect answer" for your
prospects' hitches (problems).

Start researching for products online,
with the parameters you've created.

These products must>>>

* Be solution-oriented.
* Offer an affiliate program!

Now become a customer and *test* the
customer service, the product and
the entire company. Remember; it's
your reputation on the line...

If you're satisfied with this company,
join their affiliate program.

For tips on how to evaluate an affiliate
marketing opportunity, see:

Eventually, more ideas will "pop-up"
out of the sudden about the entire,
step-by-step "stealth selling strategy".

The company you'll be targeting must
have a marketing plan, which you can
capitalize for the "brainstorming idea-
generation process".

Step #4: Develop a "Solution Web Site"


All you have to do, after you religiously
followed the previous steps, is to create
a Web site, that is:

A) Rich in content (no sales pitches).

B) Offers a free newsletter.
>>> For a mailing-list system,
go to:

C) Expresses and Solves Problems.

You can entirely promote your affiliate
programs using an autoresponder, or your
newsletter - only. Don't confuse your
visitors with the flea-market syndrome!

Hint: People tend to trust more authors who
understand their problems and ease their
lives with accurate solutions. Copywriters
also inherit the prospects' buying behavior
to craft alluring sales messages.

Step #5: Promote your Web Site, Like ClockWork!

Implement in your marketing mix search engines,
newsletter ads, press releases (journalists
adore Solution Providers!), strategic joint
ventures, free ebooks, republishing rights,
offline advertising (crucial that is) and
every marketing method you feel comfortable

The entire conceptual is to present your online
business as a Humanistic-Centered Solution Provider,
not another hard-selling vendor.

This methodology is exemplified as "Stealth Selling",
or "Under-the-radar selling".

~~ Laugh On Your Way to the Bank! ~~

At the time your prospective visitors identify with your
beliefs and appreciate your solutions, online selling
becomes an enjoyable occassion.

As you become entrenched in this methodology and entire
marketing conceptual, watch your mailing list getting
flooded with "red-hot" / fanatical prospects, who'd
love to conducting business with you and, oh,
eliminate your competition... automatically.

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