Muscle-Building Exercises and Growth-Boosters.

I have 'emerged' some subtle bodybuilding 

techniques that infuse rapid muscle-growth 

to any trainee. You see, the "factor of top 

intensity levels" in combination with 

"aggressive workouts that expel pure 

testosterone bursts", is the key to a 

fantastic muscular development.

Yesterday, another non-typical "Chest & Biceps" 

workout suffused my body to some *wondrous moments* 

of exhilaration and "incredible muscle-inflation". 

I got so pumped...

That I could hardly weep the sweat out of my Forehead!

My adrenaline was sky-high, my heart pounded 

like a piston and there I was enjoying a 

spectacular workout, which was even better than...


I have been distinguished for the small in duration, 

high in intensity and abbreviated in time muscle-building 


Each and every weight-training session is of crucial importance! 

Your mind must be mentally prepared for an inevitably brutal, 

scientifically structured bodybuilding schedule.

The most potent muscle-building exercises, those which 

command your body to reach new levels of muscle-growth, 

are Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Presses; combine these 

exercises astutely, in combination with the Ultimate 

Muscle-Building System (see

and a strategic infusion of "SUPERSETS" and "MEGA SETS" 

to succumb new signals of newly generated muscle-tissue.

These exercises will multiply your physical power 

at astoundingly rapid paces while increasing your metabolism; 

add to your dieting egg whites, red meat, pasta, rice, vegetables, 

pure protein, fibers and liquid-based creatine. 


The astute combination of the "testosterone boosting" 

exercises and natural HGH releasing techniques that are 

induced during exercising with a short in duration, 

high-in-intensity and adrenaline peaking scheme... 

forced my body to grow to its' maximum capacity, 

while retaining my fantastic gains.

The most successful workouts are ideally inculcated 

within a 30-45' training session. I've even had 

tremendous responsiveness in new muscle-size by 

training even for as little as 25' per workout.

The secret to total muscular development is 

directly correlated with the factors of timing

exercise combinations, intensity, recuperation

muscular amplification during workloads and other 

sensitive parameters

Every weight-lifting schedule must force your 

body to "flow" superfluous anabolic hormones 

like testosterone and HGH, which your body produces. 

Combine with "CNS-friendly" (Central Nervous System) 

recuperation periods, and rejoice fantastic gains 

in shorter periods.

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