Inside you'll find 11 parenting tips for raising children with character and 2 recipes for selfishness. Find out how your moral compass is the gateway to a better character and a happier life.

First Selfish Recipe:

None of us want our children to grow up selfish. Yet some parents try to better their children's lives by giving them too much. They shower their kids with gifts even when their kids fail at school. These parents long for gratitude but they don't get it. When they realize they're drowning their children in a sea of selfishness, it's almost too late.

6 Parenting Tips for Promoting Character through School Work:

Research tells us that low achievement in school can influence kids to join gangs. Parents push their kids in the wrong direction when they don't monitor school work, reward their kids regardless of effort, or make excuses for bad grades. Without training from their parents, these kids have no moral compass to follow.

To build character parents need to raise expectations.

So what can you do?

1. Value learning by motivating your child to focus on his studies
2. Help with homework
3. Create incentives for doing well
4. Praise your child for his efforts
5. Give small rewards along the way for work well done
6. Motivate by "bragging" about your child's achievements, within your child's earshot, to grandparents, relatives, and friends

Teach your child to believe in his abilities. Get your child to enjoy the feeling of achievement. Raise him to expect to work and achieve results. If you do, he won't get hooked on receiving gifts for nothing. You'll be increasing his character too.
Second Selfish Recipe:

Tell your child she's number one. Teach her to get what she wants by trampling on other kids' feelings. Encourage her to tell you stories about how she put another child down, teased others, or got the best of someone.

Parents who do this may feel unimportant, weak, or passed over. They live through their children's "toughness." They don't realize they're teaching their children to crush others' feelings with a heart of stone.

When people don't care about others' feelings, they become bottom feeders. Their moral compass is stuck on themselves. Their values are low and their selfishness is high. They drown in a sea of darkness. To avoid raising hardened characters read on.

5 Parenting Tips for Promoting Character with Caring:

Teach your child to value people by ~

1. Discussing the importance of every person
2. Modeling love through talking kindly and doing good deeds for others
3. Helping your child to reflect on her own feelings and realize others' have those feelings too.
4. Asking her how the other child felt if she trampled on feelings
5. Praising her for being kind

Conclusion ~ Your Moral Compass Is Your Child's Beacon

Your children are always watching you. How you live your life shows them how to live theirs. If you're drowning in a sea of conflicting values, they will too. If you are a beacon of moral happy living, your children will follow your light. You have the power. You are the compass.

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