It is Time to Broadcast More New Age Energy Frequencies in Relationships

In the wake of the events from this past decade, there is a need to broadcast New Age energy. People need to multiply their own channeling (perceiving, receiving their own highest energy and the one from others) abilities faster and easier, in order to start or persevere helping themselves effectively and others. How may you broadcast these vibrations? By your New Age “daily actions,” the times to just talk, procrastinate, and be beaten to the ground without devising new ways have ended. We have all played our cards these past twelve years and too many issues have not been covered and resolved in our lives. Therefore, just like a domino effect it has followed to governments, countries and this planet. I learned from Masters of Light how the negative energy from all cultures has influenced humanity through millennia, this is another reason why karma (causes and effects from past lives) is staring us right in the face and people do not know what to do.

I am able to tell you that broadcasting unconditional LOVE on a consistent basis is very poorly displayed, because people’s foundations of LOVE are not coming from the very old simple solid roots. Books tell you to broadcast LOVE; meanwhile without these solid divine roots it is extremely difficult, unless we build them anew. In this school and by way of my two intense books I’m trying to let you know how the intangible world works within you and around you in order to broadcast LOVE. It must be constantly growing and flowing from inside of you, which is where unlimited powers reside. There has to be in-depth cleansing inside the aura, chakras or energy centers, so that you may work with balance. If cleansing is not practiced daily, balance can not flourish and neither can LOVE. If these are not worked upon, LIMITED LOVE will come and go inside the same roller coaster of instability from negative patterns. In this country, higher awareness is at least at a greater level in comparison to eight years ago; thus most people are not pursuing enough balance. Others continue basically to be co-dependent, not to mention the majority of people whom are not ready. Lack of daily higher awareness, sluggish and pitiful relations with one another in this country and major countries is one of the many reasons for poor economies, terror attacks, and wars!

Reckless absence of actions produces impaired focusing, laziness, and together with devastation, develops confusing and recurring idle priorities. These will carry on diminishing our society’s highest endeavors. It is time that people stop talking about numerous ways to achieve a productive life. Though, they do not respect and embark feeling honored in producing wonderful balanced spiritual and positive daily actions, they have the advantage now with the vibrations of the New Age. People who will continue with rigid and very limited-to-limited perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and actions are going to have exhausting problems and without a doubt create illnesses, divorces, and perhaps die at an early age. They are working against the Age of Aquarius, insofar as they carry on to work against love, necessary changes, flow, speed, expansion and unity. For them detachment is not attained; therefore their need to end this lifetime is apparent. This is one of the reasons you have been seeing teen-age crime and many suicides of all ages, suicide sets you back in evolution.

What have given me abundant answers are receiving and advance channeling the energies from my students. It is not possible to LOVE consistently for the greatest portion of humanity, though the new millennium is precisely the best time to start doing it.It is intricate when divine science is at work with the New Age in, as the greater portion of negative human beings needs to come back hundreds of lifetimes in order to be able to feel LOVE, so they may give LOVE to others. In the interim may I ask, what happens to planet Earth? Is humanity taking for granted that this planet will be here in order for them to satisfy their selfishness, ignorance, and destructive purposes? How many of you feel that the high succession of negativity and poor relationships recklessly carry on increasing ignorance, greed, and the destruction of this planet’s environment? On the other hand, what and when are we all going to do about it? Yes, every one of us is capable of unlimited powers to help ourselves first, so that we may know how to help others. Then, by our cities, states and country uniting, we may conquer. The most powerful energy in the universe, which is unconditional love and light,will follow!

Autobiography--Reverend Amelia de Pazos B/Msc founded Amelia’s New Age Holistic School and Healing Center in April of 1989, in Hallandale, Florida, U.S.A- has a national/international career teaching students from four countries. She has been in Theosophy and Metaphysics for forty nine years. A graduate from the University of Metaphysics, California in 1993, from where she received a bachelor degree in ministry, science/counseling. She channeled Five comprehensive Programs, which progress from basic to intermediate and advanced levels, like the extensive Kundalini Program; students learn to astral travel to other Planets. Elements covered: metaphysics, new age, theosophy, conscious advanced channeling, past life regression and self-healing, Raja, kriya, jnana and bhakti yoga. She is also a Healing Practitioner by way of laying on of hands, advance channeling the student’s Guides of Light, regressing throughout his/her past lives in order to seek out the soul’s evolution. In 1990 she went to a Teacher’s Program in Palm Beach, Fl with a known healer and advanced channel– Barbara Ann Brennan School. Self-healing Level I is part of her First Program, after workshop Phase III students are ready for Opening to Channel, they will be consciously talking with their Angels and Masters of Light, and learn to go to their own past lives.In Groups,students learn to indirectly/directly channel the meanings of forms, colors, dysfunctional energy within the intangible world of the aura/chakras, also learning to regress to other lives with one another. Students have been healed after various doctors and clinics, considered them incurables! Doing advanced Techniques daily from the First Program produce the necessary changes to transform dysfunctional energy into functional. After students Open to Channel and consciously speak with their Guides of Light, unlimited positive changes occur.

Self-Healing Level II--second or third Program. If requirements are met, with new techniques sensitivity, speed and expansion in the aura increases, multiplying their abilities to indirectly channel still weak, inconsistent blockages and slow energy. Is important for the student to find out how he/she introduced the illness into the body, so that old dysfunctional energy patterns may be stopped. Students indirectly channel the energy which is the causes of the illness.

She is the author of two books: Past Lives, Universal Energies and Me and her latest—Relationships and Careers for this Millennium. Only her last book, also available as an e-book is at:
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