When you think about growing older, realize that it has its perks. One perk is that sex doesn't complicate relationships as much as in younger years.

Many seniors have a rich sex life and sexuality is important in their lives. Sexuality, however, becomes less about proving manhood or validating being desirable and loved, and more about warmth, caring, and sharing. It is easier to see a man or a woman as an interesting person first rather than fantasizing about sex or staring at the curves or muscles.

When meeting a new person of any age, you don’t have to worry as much about being politically correct and making sure you don’t say something that would be considered a pass or sexual harassment. And if you do say something that isn’t politically correct, people are more forgiving than they are with younger people.

One of the saddest causalities of being politically correct is that many people became afraid to hug or put their arm around someone. Few people take offense when older people hug them—and we all need more hugs.

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