It's raining hard today. The kind of rain that comes down in sheets and make is impossible to go outside without getting drenched. When we came home this afternoon, I skipped upstairs to put on my pajamas (yes, at 4pm), and get the kids settled with a snack. I said, "I just LOVE a good storm." My kids both responded with a disgusted, 'WHY???" Storms, to them, are no fun. They don't enjoy the rain, or thunder, or being told they can't go outside.

Why do I love storms? I think I love them because they give me permission to relax, curl up, and retreat. The rain keeps neighbors from dropping by, the dogs from barking outside, yard work at bay, and the outside world just melts away. Can't run to the store, it's storming. Don't worry about weeding, it's pouring. Who cares about taking out the trash, it's too wet outside! A storm is the perfect time to nap, read, journal, take a bubble bath, or do anything inside that you want. Instant calm.

Then, that got me thinking...why do we need a storm to give us permission to retreat? Why couldn't anytime we choose be the perfect time to tune out the chaos around us and unwind? Answer: the shoulds. I think we are all too concerned with the shoulds. I'd love to nap but I really should do the laundry. I can't go to the movies, I should mow the lawn. I really should be making calls instead of getting a massage. Really? Says who?

The need to retreat, whether at home, a friends house, or on a special guided retreat is essential. For the next two weeks, take some time to think about how you could plan a retreat for yourself. Would you send everyone out of the house so you could have a day to yourself? Would you get some girlfriends together for a weekend away? Or, would you attend a self improvement retreat to make a change in your life?

Email me for ideas on this. It's my new project. I have lots of ways to retreat...from a day at home, to a weekend at my "Taking Care of Superwoman" weekend. You'll love it, and be glad that you did!

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Susan Hyatt is the owner of Ideal Life Design, and a professional Life Coach. Susan is passionate about helping others create their ideal lives.