I’ve known the subject of my second column for a few days now, but I am going to pretend. I am going to pretend that I wrote this column prior to 9/11/01. I am going to pretend that my subject of community is perfectly appropriate as we settle into the shorter days of fall and the transition of the seasons. I have to pretend for I find myself numb and stuck as I watch and listen to the details of yesterday – a day that has scarred us all. 9/11/01 a day that has united the entire world as one community – shocked and tormented as we mourn the devastation and loss of life – connecting us all in a way we’d never imagined possible.

Community – common unity – that something we share in common that ties us together. Had I written this prior to 09/11/01, I’d planned to detail the highlights of this special place we call home. I walk most mornings along the seawall and am blessed with the rising sun, the shimmering water, the out going fishing boats with their humming engines, the splash of the mallards as they dive for food and the gently swaying sea grass. I witness the generosity of those with gardens – the colors, textures and scents that arise out of these patches of delight. There are regulars I see and greet each morning, dogs I’ve gotten to know and routines of others that have become routine for me. I notice the changes in the tides, the color of the light and the sounds and shifts of the transitioning season. I love going into my local coffee shop with my morning brew awaiting me, the warmth of the local bagel shop and the river views of the local restaurants.

Whether you are taking in your own version of these daily events, noticing the seasons change or appreciating the gardens, I hope you may begin to do so. For it is that connection to our surroundings and each other which supports our sense of community and that which we are inherently a part of. May we be reminded of the strands that connect us, unite us and allow us to relate and be related to. We are children, brothers, sisters and friends, we breath, eat and sleep, we laugh, rage and cry – all things which are common amongst us, yet may not be obvious in our daily routines. We are united and connected in invisible and indivisible ways.

It is because of this connection that enhances and broadens our sense of community and begs our attention to the events of yesterday. We are called outside of ourselves, out of our routine and called to those in need. I sense this inherent need to just connect - calling loved ones and acknowledging strangers in ways new and revealing. As one New York fireman put it – ‘with a tragedy like this, you forget about yourself.’ We have all become related in a way that defies understanding. Because of the spiritual nature of this column – I feel it is important to remind of our connection to one another. I am frustrated by feeling helpless and wanting to contribute to the desperate needs crying out. Then I remember – I can pray. I pray for those lives lost or missing, I pray for our government and I pray for peace. I pray for a peace that passeth all understanding.

Embracing our connectedness and being that which I want to contribute, I be peace, I be love and I be compassion. There are times when I’m not sure what to do and I am reminded to just be. I believe that we all contribute to the larger collective consciousness and I ask what is mine to do. I am a life giving force as are each of you. What do I want to give to life – fear and anger or love and compassion. I choose the latter trusting that I will meet others on my path who are also being love and compassion. May like minds and beings gather united in community and give to life that which we are most able.

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Katherin Perrin, owner of Freedom of Space, a Feng Shui and Empowerment company also writes for a local paper. She wanted to share..

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