A Persian’s head is round, massive, and well set on a short thick neck. The ears are small and set far apart. The nose is short and snub with a break. Some experts believe the delicate, silky texture of the Persian coat is attributed to a Persian-Angora cross.

The coat of an Angora white Persian is usually soft and silky and requires an extensive, yet not difficult, care routine. Please follow the link in resource box of this article to our web site and click on “Grooming Tips for Soft and Silky Persian cat coat types. You will find a technique especially for the silky and soft coats.

This cat breed is surely the most elegant of all cats. Its distinctive characteristics include:

• Long, glossy coat
• Large jewel-like eyes (in breathtaking beautiful colors of green, copper and blue on some colors)
• Full brush tail
• Sweet facial expression

These characteristics of the Persian cat has helped to make it rank among the most preferred of all purebred cats. Cat fanciers over the last one hundred years has carefully bred and greatly refined the appearance into the form we know today. The cat’s aristocratic mannerisms remain basically the same.

Longhaired cats existed long before the Persian as it is known today, however, this particular cat is most noted for its plush, thick, double coat. Other cat breeds that now have the double coat may thank the Persian, most likely through a cross with the Angora. The compliant manner is probably also a direct result of crossing with the Angora.

Other distinctive characteristics include:

• Sturdy cat
• Heavy bone structure
• Thick ruff surrounding the neck gives the Persian the regal attitude of a lion, however, the temperament is certainly not anything like a lion
• It is truly a domesticated cat and loves to be with people to show affection to those who love it
• It is docile and sweet
• Carries an air of respectability
• Prefers a comfortable, quiet and serene life of lounging around indoors, but can adjust to the most hectic type of households

Persians come in a great variety of colors, which also contributes to its great popularity among cat fanciers and those who wish to share life with it. However, the overall beauty and elegance of this particular cat breed gives it the regal bearing which is respected by fanciers around the world.

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