All the toys reviewed in this article are available for under $25.

Fishy Fun Cat Toy: Indoor cats will be thrilled with the hunt.

Fishy Fun Cat Toy challenges a cat’s natural hunting and stalking instincts. Cats, including the Persian, love to roll, pounce, and chase after the 3 ½” – diameter plush tubes, and hidden inside each is a furry fish attached by a bungee cord, peeking out to tease cats. When cats let go, the bungee pulls the fish back into the tube.

Leopard’s Den Kitty Teaser

Cats will love trying to solve the puzzle of the Leopard’s Den Kitty Teaser. There are nine holes in this toy that gives cats, Persian, as well, a tempting view of the three balls inside as they roll and rattle around. They will try hard to get the balls out, but will not be able to! There is a Catnip scent to tease them further. This toy is 10 ½” in diameter X 3” high.

Fishy Fun Tunnel

This toy is a bit more expensive, but probably worth it for the household with several cats. Persian cats will love this one!
The toy is like spending a day at the beach, covered with starfish and offering three tantalizing bungee fish toys for endless Persian cat play. The tunnel has three large openings for access and a porthole for peeking out. Exterior plush covers crinkle material that builds interest with every step. The tunnel measures 10” in diameter and expands to 27 ½” long.

Kitty Krackling Hide-n-Seek Sack

This toy has a plastic crinkle lining between layers of cotton fabric to entice Persian cats to play. Wire rim on the mouth of the bag keeps sack open for easy access and safety. A Velcro closure at end allows bag to be converted into a fun tunnel. The color is bright neon green with a cute kitty print and eyelet trim. The size is 17 ½” long X 9 ½” wide.

Wind-Up Fun for Persian Cats


One pull of their cord will send these crazy characters skittering and jittering across the floor, driving cats wherever they go. Soft plush invites playful cats to pounce. There are no batteries required, and each comes in a blister pack available individually or in a 6-pack. There are characters of hedgehog, a mouse, a squirrel and a raccoon.

Toys with Noise for Persian Cats

Cat Ball Multi Packs

These packs contain four assorted toys that cats love to bat and chase around, perfect for multiple Persian cat households. They get to enjoy a variety of extures, from plastic to soft mylar to fabric-covered – rattle, bell, crinkle, or shaker. The ball toys measure 1 ½”.

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