Have you become a servant for your pet, forever opening doors for them at their beck and call? When you're done working for the day, do you worry about the possibility of your carpets being ruined when you get home? When you're out with friends, do you have to run back to your house to let the dog out? If so, a pet door may be the answer to your problems.

Pet Doors Provide Relief A way to relieve the hassle is with a pet door. Pet doors not only alleviate your responsibilities, but they also make life more comfortable for your pets. Your pet can come and go at their convenience, you longer will you have to deal with constant barking or scratched at doors.

Pet Door Options

Metal Pet Doors: These pet doors are heavier which makes them more stable and protective.

Electronic and Infrared Pet Doors: Electronic and infrared pet doors will give your pet freedom while restricting other animals from entering your house. They automatically unbolt when your dog or cat approaches through an infrared or magnetic key that is attached to your pet's collar.

Plastic Pet Doors: These pet doors are the least expensive and least sturdy. These pet doors are best when used with smaller breeds

Sliding Glass Pet Doors: Also known as Patio Panel Pet Doors are by far the most convenient pet door to install. The top of the patio panel pet door is spring loaded so all you have to do is insert in in your patio door opening.

Extreme Weather Per Doors: If you live in a location with an extreme climate, you'll love this door. This 3-flap pet door keeps extreme hot and cold weather out of your home while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This well-designed door has a maximum energy efficiency that's 3-½ times higher than our standard single-flap pet doors.

Pet Door Installation: Installing your new pet door should be simple and straightforward. All quality pet doors come with complete instructions and templates to make installation easy. Plan on one to two hours to install you pet door. If you can use a hammer and a saw, you can install a pet door. If you do not feel comfortable installing a pet door, you can always find a carpenter or handyman to install the pet door for you.

Author's Bio: 

Larry Volwiler is CEO and co-founder of RadioFence.com a leading Internet Retailer of Pet Doors.