There is air in my body this morning. Or, at least it feels like it. My project with the deadline is complete. I finished it last night and deliver it today.

This morning I welcomed back an energy I hadn’t felt for several days…perhaps weeks, really. The entire cavity of my body is ‘open’. I do not felt the weightiness of my human frame and internal workings. I feel as if there is no delineation between my internal space, the external field around me and the entire universe – within and without.

I feel on track. I feel I have met myself – mine, body and soul – all of me – head to toe – converging to this place where I was destined to be. This day, June 12, 2008, I am exactly where I need to be and was meant to be…at least that’s how it feels.

I feel light, aligned…on purpose. It is a feeling of the synchronistic humming of molecules dancing in unison – with no sound…except perhaps a quiet mind. Even my mind will not linger away from this moment, this center. Have you ever felt that? Have you ever experienced your mind unable to move beyond the present moment, thought or activity? This is Being. This is Center Balance.

When I was procrastinating and clumsily playing with self sabotage, I felt heavy, tired, and often confused. Thoughts would dart in and out, jumbling and mumbling in a constant thread of increasing worry and frustration. In that space, there are few linear threads in a day that connect for completion and forward movement. The physical energies back up and confuse themselves like a growing steel scrubbing ball. It takes a lot of focus to sort out a vibrational field such as that.

I didn’t really fully focus on my project yesterday. However, upon awakening, I did ask the day what it wanted of me. The response was focus and enjoyment. With that, the urge to write welled up and I spent the morning with blogs and some very interesting exchanges on message boards.

I went with the flow yesterday. I didn’t force working on my project. There were internet exchanges, phone conversations and visitors. I didn’t get back to it until late in the afternoon. The day and I worked together, focused on the moment and how that moment felt. When I returned to the project, there was much to be done. Since I was moving with the flow of the day, the flow of the tasks were smooth and easy.

Being on purpose is the experience of being aligned with all that is in one’s best interest for that moment. It is activity, focus and presence aligned in the moment that creates the aqueducts of portal, door and window openings to line up allowing for better flow with divine or universal will.
Become aligned with the day ahead. What does it want from you? This question allows one to meet with divine will in unison rather than in the boxing ring of energies that keep us limited and contained.

I fought the energies of two days ago. I moved with the energies of yesterday. Today, I am one with all that is – even as I go about my daily tasks.

Author's Bio: 

Ruth Evelyn is an expert in the vibrational equivalencies of emotion within the molecular structure of the body, coaching clients into living center balanced lives.