Every couple will agree that planning for a wedding is not that easy. It is even more difficult you would like to have a stress free wedding, or at lease stress free during the wedding planning process. A checklist can indeed help you to plan it and below are the common issues that you will need to take care of:

1. Consult some wedding planners when you decide to get married. You should also discuss with your family to fix the date and time of the ceremony and reception.

2. Get a rough idea on the scale of your wedding and the theme of it. Remember that the theme may be related to the time you are having your wedding. You will also need to work out a rough estimation of budget.

3. Book the venues for the events in advance. You should also try to estimate the number of guests who will attend.

4. Remember to prepare for the honeymoon. Again, you need to get an estimation of budget and a sort list of locations you would like to go. And you will need to prepare for the air tickets at least a month before.

5. Prepare for the wedding gown and bands. It may take you some time if you would like to personalize them.

6. Finalize a wedding officiate.

7. Design the decorations of the venues and plan for the ceremony.

8. Meet the vendors and book as soon as possible. The vendors include caterer, baker for your cake, photographer and florist. If possible, you should also arrange for backup photographer in case the main photographer cannot come on your big day.

9. Consult a dentist and family physician. Get blood test done for acquiring marriage license.

10. Prepare for the wedding stationery. It will include the invitation, RSVP, Thank You Card, table card and so on. If necessary, you may also prepare for a small map card for directions.

11. Send the invitations out at least a month before the wedding. For guests who are living in other countries, you will need to send them the invitations at least three months before.

12. Bridal portraits must be duly taken.

13. Arrange for the accommodation and transportation for the guests who do not live in your place.

14. Find a place and arrange someone to keep the gifts you receive from the guests. Remember to write Thank You Notes to the guests.

15. Double check if anything is missing. And try to make sure if all the arrangements are well prepared. Get someone to help you to keep tracking on the run down on your wedding.

16. Draft the sitting plan of your ceremony and reception.

17. Prepare and pack the luggage for your honeymoon.

The above are only some common issues you need to take care of. No two weddings will be the same and you will need to write your own checklist and add new items to it. You should also need to ask for the opinions from your friends and relatives to see if anything is missing in the check list. If you can write a good check list, you will be able to have a pressure free wedding.

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Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer with great interest in Chinese Style Wedding cards. He designs Contemporary Chinese Wedding Invitations with Dragon and Phoenix Art. Besides, he runs a blog on weddings to share his ideas on items such as Seasonal Wedding Favors. You can also find India Wedding Vendor Directory from his website.