It is estimated that the U.S. Poison Control Center sees nearly 1.5 million cases of accidental ingestion of poisons every year. It is sad but true that most of these accidental poisonings happen to children under 12 years of age.

Most of us are concerned about keeping our homes clean and our families healthy. We all want our living space to be clean and germ free, because we believe this will help keep our family safe from disease.

It is true that cutting down on germs will help any family stay healthier, but we also need to be concerned about how we are getting rid of those germs, and if the cleaning products we are using are even more dangerous to our health.

The above number represents a sad statistic, but it gives any parent reason to be concerned. We can lock up cupboards, put dangers out of reach, and do a lot of other things to make our homes "kid-safe," but no matter what we do, accidents are bound to happen.

If your home is pretty typical of the modern household, you already have dozens of cleaning solutions and personal care products that contain harmful, even fatal chemicals. Recent studies have shown that most households contain more than 63 hazardous cleaning products. All told, that amounts to hundreds of dangerous chemicals.

The truth is that most household cleaners contain very dangerous chemicals that can irritate the skin, cause problems in breathing, do harm to fabrics and other surfaces, catch fire easily, and even poison us, our pets, or our kids. In fact, the chemicals most cleaning products contain have the potential to severely harm or even kill your kids, your family pets, and you. In using these products, we need to exercise the utmost in caution to ensure proper use and safe storage.

For certain safety and their own peace of mind, many consumers choose to simply avoid these potentially hazardous formulas in favor of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. This not only ensures that no accidental poisonings or other hazards occur, but is just a wise thing to do for our families' health.

What surprises many people is that these cleaning products work just as well--and often better--than their commercially-made counterparts. Users find that their homes are just as clean and smell just as fresh. Furthermore, they have the peace of mind that the products they have used to achieve these results are 100% safe for them, their families, and even their pets.

Thanks to scientific research and testing, these safe cleaners are more readily available and more affordable than they have ever been. Most health food stores will carry a line of bio- safe, non-toxic cleaning products, and they're widely available for ordering on the Internet.

As more and more people discover the potential hazards and dangers of traditional, commercially-produced cleaning products, the popularity of safe cleansers continues to rise. The more people you talk to, the more people you'll find--including many physicians--who advocate the use of these safer products.

So, if they don't use harmful chemicals, how do these natural products get your home clean? Many of them use citrus-based oils, as well as ingredients from corn and other replenishable, organic materials. These bio-safe, non-poisonous cleaners contain no dyes, artificial fragrances, or pesticide residues. Many even use recycled materials for packaging and labeling.

Even if we aren't concerned about the environmental factors, all of us are concerned about the health and well-being of our families and ourselves. Especially for people with young children, getting rid of dangerous chemicals in the home is an important step in ensuring the safety of those we care about.

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