Mediocrity happens by default. Success happens as a result of intelligent, planning and forethought. What you are doing today will thus effect your world of tomorrow. Think of it this way: at this moment you are nothing but a reflection of your previous thoughts, words and deeds.

‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’
(Galatians 6:7 KJV).

So what are some easy ways of implementing intelligent action?
Well, three really easy positive thinking methods you can use to consciously create your own future as opposed to being dictated to by the situations and circumstances of the world include:

Goal setting: by this I mean take some time-out to consciously think about what you want to achieve or how you want to be living your life. Don’t focus on material wealth but focus on what will make you happy. What will make your soul feel alive inside. Once you know what it is you want it is far easier to take the next step.

Develop a clearly defined time related plan. By putting your goals and a plan in writing you make a firm statement both to your self and to the universe about what you intend to achieve. Your goals are now no longer merely dreams but concrete objectives with a clear pathway lined out to follow. Indeed writing your goals down is what takes dreams out of your mind and starts to bring them into reality.

Aligning your thoughts words and deeds. Once you have managed to follow the first two steps then you must then develop the habit of using thoughts and words and deeds to work in your favour…and not against you! By this I mean there’s no point being half-hearted about achieving your goals. If it is what you want to do then don’t let your thoughts and actions contradict eachother. Turn the habits in your life into positive habits that will aid you in your progress towards your goal instead of just letting them be everyday habits that have no focus.

Remember that thoughts become things so whatever you are habitually thinking about you are creating in your life. With the above positive thinking points in mind there is no reason why you should be unable to achieve your goals and dreams in life.

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