Success gurus and self-made millionaires routinely preach the mantra that “Your thoughts become habits, your habits become your reality.” They suggest that knowing your purpose and living with passion is an unstoppable recipe for success. Once you’ve got it you’ll never turn back.

Well, of course they aren’t wrong. Positive thinking IS very powerful.

But, why isn’t what they teach working for the vast majority of people? Statistics demonstrate that only 3% of those who attend seminars, workshops, and teleseminars actually implement what they learn, let alone achieve the dream of success that prompted their attendance.

The remaining 97% (including us before we discovered what we now teach) who want to throw off the fear of taking risks, asking for help, standing apart from the crowd, and overcoming— deep down—their self-doubt simply can’t just change their minds and get into the flow of success.

It would be great if repeating affirmations, or praying like crazy, or putting a rubber band on your wrist and snapping it for each and every negative thought would . . . voila . . . make a glorious new life emerge.

But for the 97% that just doesn’t happen.

Well, you may be thinking, it also takes action.


And, most of that 97% are already working very hard. Work is what the majority of people know how to do. Work, work, work.

But making that work explode into huge, fabulous success . . . that remains a big mystery.


Because no matter what your conscious mind is doing, no matter what you desire, no matter what you say you want and dedicate yourself to getting, if you unconsciously are in allegiance to an idea, a belief, a person, an attitude that keeps you in place, that unconscious commitment
will always, ALWAYS trump your conscious efforts.

The deep inner forces . . . that you probably know nothing about . . are working overtime against your determination to break free and live a fabulous life.

In other words, no matter how much you practice the millionaire mind-set, or some heart-opening love and romance program, you’re bound to end up back in the pits—suffering even greater disappointment for your once-again-mis-guided and tireless effort.

So, what do you do when your unconscious beliefs defeat your conscious mind each and every time?

1) In your current situation, no matter what you may feel, you are not a failure. You are a success. The question is—at what? Ask yourself: “What idea, person, behavior am I loyal to that keeps me stuck where I am?” That deep loyalty is keeping you stuck.

2) Make a list of what you would have to give up—including close relationships with friends and family---if you were living the fabulous love relationship and financial/career success you dream of. What in your current life would have to go?

3) What discomfort, objection, even anger do you feel at our asking you these questions? That’s a clue that an unconscious emotional allegiance is running the show. Otherwise what we ask would mean nothing to you.

4) Ask yourself, as though your life depended upon it—because it does---if you are willing to fight through whatever loyalty has you in its grip in order to make the changes you’ll need to make.

5) And if you are willing, if you accept taking on this fight for your life, then you will have made a vote for your courage, your larger future, and your decision to overcome the fear of being fabulous.

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Husband-and-wife psychology team and Internet marketers Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D. pioneered a heart-based approach to Soft Sell Marketing. They’ve taken
that approach into producing “Bridging Heart and Marketing” - their unique, first-time-ever Internet marketing conference dedicated to the specific needs of the Soft Sell marketing community - for whom the typical hard sell "hype" doesn't fit.

By Soft Sell they’re referring to all the personal growth, healing and life-enhancement providers who market services and products. Unlike typical hard sell tactics, Soft Sell Marketing reinforces a caring and trustworthy relationship between marketers and the prospects and customers they want to attract.