True passion is one of the most powerful feelings one may feel in their lifetime. One can become so passionate about something that they feel they would die for it (and sometimes do.) It may be one of the most powerful of all human emotions. Passion can be harnessed for good, or for evil. It is when people harness their passions in positive ways that the world is shaped in a beautiful way.

Passionate people who act upon their passion either create amazing things, or in some cases, create horrible things. The positively passionate person offers their talents to the world, adding their personal value to it, and ends up feeling happy and satisfied.

These people are not lazy, unambitious, unmotivated, depressed bags of flesh that mope about all day wallowing in self-pity. They are alive, energetic, proactive and dynamic beings who have come to fully realize the divine potential within their own mind, body, life and soul.

As you'll learn in many of our products, the people that you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your mind, and thus your life. Therefore, surround yourself with as many positively passionate people as you can, and you will find yourself becoming like them. To help you identify these people, we've listed eight broad characteristics below. You can also model yourself after these - and you will find your level of passion increases accordingly.

Lives life fully

The positively passionate person lives life to its fullest - everyday. They know how to have a great time. They know when to be spontaneous. They see the beauty in everyday living, and in all of creation. They realize that ultimately life isn't defined by thoughts - it's defined by the actions that arise from those thoughts. Thus, they master their mind, and simultaneously master their actions. Their actions and feelings which arise as a result of their thoughts are what allow them to lead an amazing, fulfilling life.


The positively passionate person is unstoppable in all that they do. They are aware of the immeasurable value of perseverance. They never give up on what they have set their mind too - no matter what gets in their way. They realize that they are the only one that can stop themselves. They don't let the negative feedback of others stand between them and their dreams. They know that good things take time. They never surrender - they always move forward, until they reach their goals.

Takes risks

The positively passionate person takes risks when appropriate - knowing that risks are the only way to grow. Unless they risk something, even if very small, they will not grow. They realize they must step outside of their comfortable current conditions in order to achieve anything. They take wise, informed risks in order to achieve what they desire.


The positively passionate person is assertive in all decisions. They are intuitive, use good judgment, and make good decisions - fast. When confronted with a choice, they draw upon their own past experiences and external information - which they filter with their critical thinking skills - to reach a decision. They trust in themselves, and have confidence in their choice.


The positively passionate person remains focused at all times. They focus on their dreams and goals until they become a reality. They decide what they want, how they will get it, and then focus on it with all their power until they make it happen. They only allow things to enter their life that will help them achieve what they have set out to do - they develop powerful paradigms and mental filters that only accept positive thoughts in order to bring them closer to their goals.


The positively passionate person cultivates and utilizes their inner creativity. They create ways to reach their goals and to overcome obstacles placed in their path. They strive for innovation and for new, better, easier ways to do things. They use the power of their mind and their subconscious to show them the way. They utilize techniques such as those taught by our company to find inventive ways to crystallize their dreams.


The positively passionate person is self-evolved. They are self-confident, introspective, self-guided, and self-reliant. They have learned how to rely on themselves through the good and the bad. They are the reason that they are where they are, and that they are who they are. They use the lessons of the past to their advantage, and learn from every mistake. They examine their own mind and soul regularly, and learn to understand and control their every thought, feeling, and action. They know where they have been, and they know where they are going. If they do not like something, they change it. They continuously strive to move along the path to their dreams, and fully realize that they are the only vehicle that will take them there.

Mastery of subconscious

The positively passionate person has mastered their own subconscious mind. They realize that every thought and thus every action is a result of what has been put into their mind. They have a powerful, positive belief system and mental filters that allow them to recognize positive things in the world around them that they can use to reach their goals. They have positive habits and a positive self image, and everything produced by their mind conforms to their positive beliefs. They take on the rightful duty of programming their own mind - of eliminating negative programming, and positively affirming and regularly reaffirming every desirable aspect of their own being. They use mental tools and techniques, such as those we offer, to program their mind to receive exactly what they want out of life.

You'll know a positively passionate person when you see one. They are the ones that stick out above the rest - the successful ones - the happy ones. When you become passionate about something positive and follow it... when you harness your own thoughts to get there... when you master your own mind - you become happy. Negative thoughts cannot dwell in a mind that has no place for them. Being passionate about doing something positive in the world and taking action to make it happen will not only bring happiness in your life, it can also bring happiness to those you help.

We have the tools to allow you to get whatever you want out of life. You have the power to live your dreams. Let us help you along the way.

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Lee Ridenour


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