Are you or a loved one suffering from Post Traumatic Stress? Good psychotherapists can help, but perhaps you cannot find one and/or afford the service.

We teach healing through the Divine Love Group Healing Process (DLGHP), a FREE healing system. Our healing system can help you and those you love to better health.

You may never have heard of healing with energy or consider it too “airy-fairy.”
Well, you can relax. The DLGHP utilizes the Creator’s energy of Divine Love. . . and you can’t get much better energy support than that! The DLGHP has been taught privately and in workshops. Students have had fast, lasting results and have shared the DLGHP with thousands of others.

Download your copy of the DLGHP from:
Then read about human energy, how the body works energetically, and what people have achieved with the DLGHP - such as recovery from cancer, addictions, heart disease, and emotional and neurological disorders. The DLGHP is especially useful in support groups and in situations where health care is absent.

Many veterans are experiencing PTS. If your loved one is not receiving relief from PTS, you can form a Group of 3 or more healthy people and use the DLGHP. The people in the “Group” should not be those recovering from PTS, but may be friends and/or relatives. Several people with PTS can be helped at the same time with a Group of 10 or more healthy people.

Will the DLGHP really help a person with PTSD? Yes, if that is the Creator’s Will.

The DLGHP has been released on the internet for three reasons:

1) DLGHP produces powerful results and demonstrates that there is a Spiritual Creator of the universe who responds to our requests. In addition, it demonstrates that we can become proactive partners for personal health and well being.

2) There are insufficient traditional resources to address the growing numbers of emotional disorders and Post Traumatic Stress complaints.

3) We want as many people as possible to know that they can influence their own wellness, freeing themselves from negative past experiences.

We teach through World Service Institute, a nonprofit corporation. We have three objectives:

1. To provide a means whereby people world-wide can receive healing help.

2. To help people connect with Divine Love more completely.

3. To teach that through Group participation, a Group can facilitate change in themselves, in others, and in the environment.

Let us know of your successes with the Divine Love Group Healing Process. Contact me by email at: if you have comments, questions or need help.

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Robert G. Fritchie: Is a leading-edge expert in healing; author of two healing books; lecturer and energy scientist for 29 years. Director of World Service Institute a non-profit company that teaches the public about Understanding and Applying Divine Love. See: for more information.