Are you feeling the overwhelming sense of dissonance that so often accompanies this season? You know the drill; the feelings of excitement and expectancy for all that the holidays and vacation time represent, while living in the transition time between winter and the full on blossoming of spring. It is a time that seems like it should be full of so much hope and abundance while often instead bringing a sense of lethargy, depression and disempowerment. If you are experiencing these less than wonderful byproducts of this time of transition, you’re not alone. However, I am hopeful this article will be your catalyst, your key, to new levels of empowerment. It’s time to emerge into the wonder that this season wants to gift you! Power Angel is going to PUMP YOU UP!

Okay, you’re probably thinking I’ve got an overdeveloped sense of myself about now, don’t you? I can’t blame you, and though I don’t necessarily think a high sense of self is a bad thing (I cultivate that in my clients regularly), it’s actually not the whole story. “Power Angel” is my fun, newly adopted title that I encountered as a result of an E-zine I started receiving a while back. These emails always start with something regarding feminine power and then, as in most E-zines, the email greets me by name. The first time I “read” the subject line (by “read” I mean my computer reads it aloud to me through my screen reader), I noticed that there was a welcome that seemed to be addressing me as “Power Angel.” Of course, after opening the email I realized that “power” was associated with the prior greeting and they were addressing me by my first name after the greeting, but now I can’t help smiling every time I get an email from them. Now I just make the playful but conscious choice to believe they really are addressing me as “Power Angel.” The very idea of it pulls me out of the blues into a space of energy and magical superpowers. Wanna join me?

Alright Power (put your name here), here are three “Wonderland” perspectives to cultivate your Superpower success.

1. Yours: It’s all about them.
2. Mine: It’s all about me.
3. Ours: It’s all about us.

All three of these “Wonderland” perspectives are vantage points that, when used properly, are proven to Pump You Up!

First, the “All About Them Wonderland” – Yours

This first visit will take you to the “it’s all about them Wonderland”. In other words, it’s time to focus on the needs and situations of others. I know this is not an easy place to go when you are feeling disempowered or down, but it is the ultimate remedy; not to mention that it has incredible returns.

I have to say that this vantage point is one that I am deeply acquainted with in my role as a Coach and it truly is powerful. Just by allowing yourself to be fully present for the people in your life, to listen, cherish, console or celebrate with them, I guarantee that you will find a strength and beauty in yourself that will astound and empower you. Your capacity to love and honor others is vast and no matter how loving and kind you are as a rule, you have only tapped the surface of your boundless capacities.

As you make a choice to take a trip into the “it’s all about them Wonderland”, notice your own energy. Every time you find yourself not being fully present with those you love, gently pull yourself back in and “be” with them intentionally and genuinely. Make a point to witness and delight in the sense of peace that just “being present” offers your own spirit. It’s alright, really, even in this act it’s still all about them. You’re simply enjoying the side effects of indulging in their presence.

Action Item for “It’s All About Them Wonderland”:

For your first trip to this “Wonderland”, try setting up a 40 minute meeting (maybe over coffee or tea) with someone close to you and tell them that you are designating the first 30 minutes as “all about them” time. Let them know that they’re not even allowed to ask about you. You just want to know how they are and what is going on life for them right now. Make it a point to engage and ask genuine, open ended questions that will allow your guest to really share. Be sure not to interject your opinions or advice. Just listen and be fully present and loving with them.

When the 30 minutes are up, take another 10 minutes for feedback time. Use the first five minutes to allow your guest to share they’re experiences/feelings during your time together. Then take another 5 to share your own experiences/feelings as you were listening, inquiring and fully present.

Finally, after your visit has concluded, note the changes in your own mind, body, and spirit. Do you feel lighter, more grounded? If so, repeat this activity with at least one more loved one or friend before venturing into the next “Wonderland”. However, if you still feel depleted or heavy, move to the next “Wonderland” and return to this one only after you are re-energized and ready to experience the joy of giving your amazing self fully to those you love. You can’t give when you are so depleted that there is nothing left of you to give. When you do have enough to give, even if it doesn’t seem like much, the gift returns back immediately and synergistically—literally the “gift that keeps on giving”. So visit this “Wonderland” as often as you are able!

Before exploring the next “Wonderland” consider this quote for present or future reference.

”Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.”
Sir James M. Barrie

Second, “It’s All About Me Wonderland” – Mine

I realize that this “Wonderland” may seem contrary to the season we are in. It’s supposed to be all about giving, right? However, the truth is that we cannot give what we don’t possess. For this reason it is crucial that we visit the “it’s all about me Wonderland”. Now that’s what I’m talk’n about! Just kidding! Well, sort of. In truth I witness far too little of this replenishing and nourishing behavior in the lives of, not only my clients, but also in the practices of my friends and loved ones. As mentioned in the prior section, giving is a beautiful gift that manifests rich returns for both giver and receiver. However, it is imperative that we continually ensure that we have reserves from which to give. Only then can we sustain the magical momentum afforded through the synergistic giving process. So sit back and relax ‘cause it’s all about you in this second “Wonderland”!

No matter where you are right now on the spectrum between energy (lightness) and depletion (heaviness), it is crucial that you visit the “it’s all about me Wonderland” often. In fact, due to our busy lives, I recommend that you schedule these visits far in advance and make those times sacred. Depending on your own life, you can do this daily (10 to 30 minutes) or weekly (at least an hour if not two to three hours). The important part, no matter which you decide is best for you, is to strictly honor this scheduled “all about me” time. Tell your loved ones about your new schedule. In this way they know to give you this space and the added bonus is that they can also keep you accountable to keep your appointment with you. Do whatever energizes, relaxes and/or refreshes you during your “me” time. Your desired activities will likely be based on what your needs are at the time of your visit, so be flexible and creative in what you do with your mini retreats. Most importantly allow yourself personal space. Don’t be afraid to close and/or lock a door, leave your home or office, put on headphones, etc. Do whatever will work best to ensure your solitude and privacy given your own circumstances.

Action item for the “It’s All About Me Wonderland”:

Take out your calendar or day planner before reading any further in this article. That’s right, look and/or walk away from your computer and grab it now! Do you have one or the other in front of you? Wonderful! Now, determine what schedule will work best for your “all about me” time. Can you take time daily? How about every other day or maybe once a week? What day (if not daily) and what time of day will be the ideal time? Take a moment to schedule those times in your day planner/calendar for the next month. Now take a deep breath and, if you are truly and intentionally committed to your own health and well being, take 5 to 10 minutes to schedule this “all about me” time for the next year. Please keep in mind that this “all about me” time will not only benefit you but will ultimately benefit everyone in your life. Don’t have a 2007 calendar yet? No worries. Schedule a time later this month (write in the date/time in your current calendar) to purchase next year’s calendar. When it is in hand, take the time to fill in your 2007 “all about me” schedule.

Next, make a list of all the things you might want to do in your “all about me “Wonderland” time”. This will help motivate you to stick to your schedule. Make sure these are things you don’t get to do very often so they become things you can look forward to with enthusiasm. Some ideas are: take a luxurious bath, read a book that you have had a burning desire to read but just didn’t take the time, paint or do some expressive art, exercise (something you love doing, no drudgery stuff), write, or anything else your heart desires. Make this list as long as you like. If the spirit moves you, you may also find it helpful to put these activities right on the calendar or day planner where each visit to “all about me time” is scheduled. However, it is also perfectly fine to simply wait and see which activity is most appealing when the scheduled time arrives. Either way, it’s all about you!

In the end, the important thing to remember is that the person that is most capable and knowledgeable about how to most wonderfully and completely take care of you, is you.

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." – Buddha

Third, and final “It’s All About Us Wonderland” – Ours

This final perspective, “it’s all about us Wonderland”, is the most amazing vantage point ever! However, it can only be truly experienced when our own cup is full and overflowing. Our own cup becomes full and overflowing through our immersion in, and dedication to, experiencing the first two “Wonderlands” as described in this article. When we are in a constant state of giving, receiving and replenishing, we find ourselves at the very gates of “it’s all about us”. However, the key to entering through that gate is to adopt practices that will allow us to visit this third “Wonderland” as regularly and intentionally as the first two. Being at the gate, ready to enter, is not nearly the same as being immersed in the warm and loving glow of being in “it’s all about us.”

Have you ever been in a room of people (no matter if it was a highly energize conference or a family gathering), where you just felt a sense of oneness with everyone around you? The feeling can be as quiet as a sense of peace, as magical as a spell, or even as powerful as a deep surge of love. Whatever you experience with this sense of oneness, this is exactly what I mean by “it’s all about us”. We, as fellow journeyers and cohabitants of this planet, have a deep and underlying connection to one another, a responsibility for one another. The simple act of recognizing this fact is empowering and awe inspiring.

In the Movie “Shadow Lands” (the story of C.S. Louis’ adult life), there is a wonderful quote: “we read to know we’re not alone”. In the same way, we engage with and recognize our connection to others to know we are not islands unto ourselves. We are part of a greater, immense whole. Everything each of us does has an impact on the whole. Like a stone hitting the surface of still water, our thoughts and actions, even those that seem most minor, ripple out to impact the lives and spirits of others, our planet, and perhaps other forces or energies we cannot even fathom). Isn’t that an incredible responsibility to embrace? More importantly, it’s one jaw-dropping privilege. Power (your name here) indeed!

Action item for the “It’s All About Us Wonderland”:

This final action item is a simple one. Take one minute every day (great times are either when you lay down to go to sleep or before you rise in the morning), to acknowledge and celebrate your connectedness with people, situations, and the innumerable energies that surround your universe. Take in the responsibility and gift of this unifying “oneness” with long, intentional and empowering breaths. Try this activity even now so you can taste the energizing side effects of this profound yet simple act. Tasty huh? There’s plenty more where that came from so don’t forget to do this each and every day.

Walt Whitman, a poet who had an intensely deep sense of connectedness with all that comprised his world, summarized our connection to one another beautifully in these words.

"I know that the hand of God is the elder hand of my own, and that all the men ever born are also my brothers and the women my sisters and lovers"


As you, dear reader, transition from winter to all that awaits you in spring, summer and fall of 2007, I wish for you more success and happiness than you can even begin to imagine. I know for absolute certain that it is yours for the taking. You are truly Power (your name here)!

Just remember my friends, that three incredible “Wonderlands” are right at your beckon call, and you need only visit them intentionally and regularly.

Here they are again in review:
1. Yours: It’s all about them.
2. Mine: It’s all about me.
3. Ours: It’s all about us.

Here’s to yours, mine and ours! Abundance and joy to all as we go- Walkin’ in this incredible “Wonderland!”

Copywrite 2007 Angel C. Hale

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