If you see white blisters forming on the outer part of your lips or the corners of your mouth, you probably have what is known as cold sores. Although these pesky lesions are not really painful, you wouldn't want a colony of blisters around your mouth because it is not a beautiful sight to behold.

The other reason why you wouldn't want to have cold sores is that they are highly contagious. It is not surprising for your partner, kids, and family members to get the disease just a few days after the eruption of your blisters. People who are weak, sick and have a poor immune system can very easily become infected with cold sores.

So What Are Cold Sores?

The major reason why this viral infection is called cold sores, also known as oral herpes, is that it usually appears when you are sick with cold or when your immune system is down. Although the white blisters can disappear, the virus that is causing this disease will remain with you for life. In order to prevent cold sores from reappearing on your mouth, you need to boost your immune system and maintain a healthy body.

Although you may not encounter a lot of people with blisters on the corners of their mouths just like yours, you do not have to feel bad. You are not alone. In fact, almost 80% of Americans have this disease, particularly because it is very easy to contract. You can get the oral herpes virus (this is actually the cousin of the infamous genital herpes) by kissing or sharing a glass with someone who has the disease.

There is really no cure for cold sores since they are caused by virus, which is self-limiting. No matter how many topical creams, antibiotics and other medications you take, you only heal the blisters but not totally eradicate the virus that causes these lesions.

The only way for you to fight cold sores and prevent the formation of whitish lesions on your mouth is to make your immune system strong and your body healthy and disease-free.

Beat Cold Sores The Natural Way

There are quite a number of topical creams and oral medications that can help heal the blisters caused by the oral herpes virus. However, as mentioned earlier, you can never really get rid of the virus in your system. The only way to prevent whitish sores from forming on the corners of your mouth is to make your body naturally inhospitable to the cold-sores-causing virus.

Get A Good Dose Of Lysine

Alternative medicine practitioners usually prescribe an extra dose of lysine to people who have viral infections, such as cold sores. Lysine is known as a very good viral killer. Aside from taking supplements with lysine, you should also increase your intake of lysine-rich food, such as eggs, turkey, ricotta, cheese and avocado.

Ice It Baby

If you want the blisters to disappear, you can also put some ice on it. Place an ice inside a clean washcloth and dab it on the blisters. Remove it when you feel uncomfortable but reapply it once you no longer feel pain. Ensure that you do this for not less than 15 minutes everyday, until the sores disappear. The cold will help prevent the formation of more blisters because viruses are not really fans of cold and ice.

Win With Beta Carotene

This vitamin is known to help speed up healing because it protects your mouth's mucous membranes. You can get a lot of beta-carotene from carrots, apricots, and other deep orange produce.

Sink It With Zinc

Let your oral-herpes virus sink into deep slumber with the help of an increased intake of zinc, a natural immune booster. Aside from strengthening the immune system, zinc also helps in accelerating the disappearance of your blisters because it also protects your mouth tissues.

C All The Way

When you have colds, flu and other viral infections, the doctor would usually tell you to increase your intake of Vitamin C. The same is true when you have oral herpes. This antioxidant contains bioflavonoids that not only heals the sores, but also bolsters your immune system to prevent another attack.

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