The progressive realization of worthy goals propels you towards that vision of prosperity. The addition of positive choices everyday improves the quality of your journey? So, why not get started? In case you’re a procrastinator, here are eight tips to help you begin:

1.) Acknowledge that procrastination creates needless stress for you. By procrastinating, you put yourself under an energy-draining emotional strain. Procrastination is the opposite of success. If your procrastination represents indecision, then identify what information you need to make that decision and get moving.

2.) Breakdown overwhelming tasks into small ones. You want to write a two hundred-page book? Write a page a day and you’ll be done in seven months.

3.) Do a start-up task to break the stalemate. If your goal is to start a home-based business, go to the library and check out some interesting books and periodicals on the subject or do some research on the internet.

4.) Work on your goal for ten minutes. Doug hates filing, but if he sets a timer for ten minutes and puts on his favorite CD, it gets done.

5.) Use your moods to your advantage. Recently, Judy had a big marketing proposal to write which could earn her a coveted promotion, but the words eluded her. Feeling social, she called several contacts in her marketing association and brainstormed more ideas for her proposal. These conversations illuminated why she had writer’s block and the next day, the proposal flowed.

6.) Procrastination can also mask ambivalence. If you’re still doubtful about your goal, list out the pros and cons of accomplishing it. If the advantages don’t outweigh the disadvantages, then the job isn’t worth it.

7.) Make a contract with a friend or a colleague that you’ll meet your goal by a specific date. If nothing else, fear of embarrassment will motivate you. This is why job-hunting groups, leads groups, small business planning groups, and support relationships, like mentoring, work. Use the advantage!

8.) Lastly, reward yourself for meeting your goals beginning with your first steps. Latoya loves inexpensive costume earrings and treats herself to a pair whenever she crosses off an action step.

Procrastination rates as a prime time-waster. Make sure that you stay in charge of it! Whenever you find yourself falling into the procrastination rabbit hole, whip out a procrastination worksheet and fill it out. The truth will be clear to you.

Procrastination Worksheet

Use one sheet per goal or task

1.) Goal/task being avoided:

2.) Is this goal/task important to you? Why?

3.) What is blocking its completion?


Decision: Choose one

A.) I have decided to complete this goal/task
B.) I have decided not to complete this goal/task myself.

If you picked A, move to the Swiss Cheese List. If you picked B, discard your goal!

Swiss Cheese List:

Breakdown this goal/task into many tiny components and target a completion date for each one.

Component Due Date Difficulties






Remember, every day is an opportunity for you to gain headway towards your life of positive choices. All these exercises will increase your proficiency and increase your likelihood of a fortunate outcome. Act today!

Author's Bio: 

Gail McMeekin, MSW, LICSW, is a nationally known career/creativity/life choices coach and consultant and the author of the highly acclaimed books, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The Power of Positive Choices. Her work has been featured in many periodicals such as Boston Magazine, Investor's Business Daily, Redbook, and Health, as well as on radio and TV. She has a new e-book called Boost Your Creativity, Productivity, and Profits in 21 Steps available at her website: as well as a free newsletter called Creative Success. You may contact her at