Just what is it? And is for real?

Well i’m here to tell you that it can happen, although it does take a bit of practice.

In case you didn’t know, the prostate gland is a walnut sized gland located just under the bladder. It can be felt by placing a finger 2-3 inches into the anus, although it is protected by a membrance i.e. you cannot touch it directly. The role of the prostate is to add fluid to the semen.

The prostate gland has a mystique quite unique as compared to the other parts of the male body. Ancient indian tantric texts refer to this gland as the ’sacred spot’ the centre of a man’s emotions and sexuality; containing deep feelings of acceptance, nurturing and masculinity.

Why not introduce some a bit of intrigue and adventure into the bedroom through prostate ejaculate massage.

To begin the man should be relaxed and clean. Make sure that the bowels and baldder are emptied and have a shower or bath alone or with your lover.

If you are giving him a prostate ejaculate massage - keep the following points in mind:

1. Start with a relaxing body massage if he is stressed.

2. Ask him to sit with back supported and knees raised a bit to allow easy access to the anus, after removing clothing.

3. Encourage him to breathe slowly and deeply to relax, co-ordinate your breathing to create feelings of intimacy.

4. Gently apply water based lubricant to the anal opening with a latex glove. Add some lubricant to the finger and gently press against anus until the muscles relax and allow the finger in.

5. Gently enter 2-3 inches , until you feel a small bump. Stroke the prostate gland, gently press it or massage it. Get feedback from him as to what works.

6. If sensations are strong, slow down or stop and encourage him to continue to breathe, slowy and deeply. This reduces the intensity of the stimulation and prolongs pleasure and arousal.

7. Either he or you can stimulate the lingam or just continue to focus on the prostate bringing him close to climax but stopping short a number of times. (Remember: climax is not the goal, but it’s always a happy ending.)

Prostate ejaculate massage cannot only be novel but also adds excitement to your lovemaking as most men are not used to a sexually submissive role, and one which involves trust and intimacy can really add to the excitement. Also removing any need to perform, this massage can also be a great way for him to just sit back and enjoy!

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