Coming from the finance and insurance business since 1992, I have seen many reasons for families to have protection. But since the most recent economic crisis, it is causing job losses in every state, and in every field. No one is immune to the risk of job loss. With that comes the loss of benefits that were once obtained through an employer.

Life insurance obtained outside of an employers benefit package is an advisable situation if the family profile would allow for it. The number of children, the ages of the children, the number of providers in the household, and the goals for the family are all important factors to determine needs.

Critical Illness policies pay the insured while still alive just for the diagnosis of a serious illness such as a heart attack, stroke, or life threatening cancer. This way a family would still have the income needed when one cannot return to work after an incident such as what was explained. Therefore, the benefit gets paid out to the insured to take care of immediate medical needs and all regular family expenses.

Health insurance needs for the short term while changing jobs or careers is available wihtout out of reach costs. The family can still be covered with great coverage just in case of hospitalization.

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Finance & Insurance career since 1992. Based in Chicago, Illinois, I have helped many families make certain their financial goals are met through proper financial planning.