Gaining the confidence of someone generally will take time, mutual respect, and the assumption that you are the kind of person that people can rely upon and draw confidence from. You need to show that you can understand and empathize the needs and wants of a person while respecting and upholding their beliefs and hopes. Confidence needs to be built and gained on mutual ground while you prove that you can competently provide and respect the person or persons whom you are hoping to gain confidence from. Often it is the circumstances that will determine the best way to approach how to gain confidence though there are general tips which will aid you in effectively gaining someone's confidence if not your own.

Preparation and knowledge will best serve you while in the initial stages of gaining confidence. If a task seems to overwhelming then break it down into simpler smaller steps. For example if you are trying to find employment and struggle with cold calling then begin by calling someone that you already know and feel comfortable talking to. Certainly these smaller steps will help you to overcome the initial pitfalls of the situation and ideally once you have a clear picture of the steps you need to take it is easier to focus on one at a time checking each thing off as you go, seeing things being ticked off a list is another tip to gaining confidence from people. Showing an employer step by step how you have achieved is more helpful than the finished result.

If your confidence is really lacking and you are unsure of the best way to begin then approaching a situation then your best option is to start where you feel most comfortable and work your way up. You have the skills in you it is just a case of being in the right position to adequately tap into and awaken those skills. If you do not begin anywhere then you cannot hope to improve, while in instances of confidence deficit you will often prove to blow everyone away given half the opportunity and cause a further increase in the confidence you hold for yourself and that which others place in you, leading to bigger and better things.

It is important to remember that procrastination will get you nowhere, if you are feeling low or uneasy about a task the only way to overcome this is to make a start. Writers will know the feeling well, new tasks can be daunting and when you are lacking in confidence a usually simple task can be blown out of proportion. It may sound cheesy but things are very rarely as bad as our minds would like to make out therefore the best way to over come this and in turn gain the confidence of other is to bite the bullet and make a start, you will often be surprised at how easy things become once you have made that initial step. Have a little more faith in yourself and other will too!

Confidence will come and go but the way you deal with the low times will effectively determine how successful you are at gaining and keeping confidence. Find a support person to bounce ides off and keep yourself accountable, do not put off a situation and keep in mind that you would not have been chosen for a task if you were incapable so have faith in yourself and learn from your mistakes. Gaining confidence within yourself and others will take time and perseverance but you will never make it to the end if you do not begin the journey by taking that first step.

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