Eliminating The Feng Shui “Fear Factor”

Written by: Carole Provenzale
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Long Island

Increasingly in my practice I have noticed that more and more clients are actually becoming afraid to make changes to their surroundings using Feng Shui principles. I am always mindful to ask them why they are so nervous to make some simple adjustments and the answer is always the same. They read in one book or another that making certain changes in a particular area can have “disasterous repercussions.” Although I certainly follow Feng Shui principles as they were taught to me from The Masters, I am discouraged to see so many people that have been too reluctant to make some changes on their own because of these books.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to transform and improve, to change the flow of energy into a positive one to help bring about all we would like to create in our lives: increased Wealth, enhanced health, to find or strengthen relationships, a happy career and every other aspect of our lives. As Professor Lin Yun has taught for years, this is achieved primarily through the thought process of INTENTION. Actually, the changes we make are the least important aspects of what we are hoping to achieve; our Intentions are the most powerful aspects of Feng Shui as the flow of Energy comes after our intentions are in place.

Although there are many Feng Shui principles that do not support a good environment, I happen to feel that my clients have enough intuition to know if they have made an adjustment that is not working out well. Perhaps they have hung a mirror and now find they are not sleeping or they have hung up some artwork that just doesn’t do anything to make them feel peaceful or inspired. If they can trace it back to whatever changes they have brought about, they can simply undo it; they can take down the mirror and restore their sleep or hang something that makes them feel wonderful every time they see it.

During a consultation I will always advise my clients on important aspects of Feng Shui principles and provide them with handouts so they have them in mind while making changes. However, as one lovely woman recently put it, “I won’t touch a thing until you get here.” I don’t believe the beautiful art of Feng Shui was ever intended to make anyone afraid to change their surroundings because in doing so they might create a bad situation. Feng Shui was intended to help you feel peaceful and serene, not cause fear and worry. There is nothing you can do that can’t be undone and with the wonderful intentions you are surely sending up, I don’t believe anything bad can befall you!

We need to stop the “Fear Factor” from finding its way into Feng Shui so while we are armed with a full knowledge of Feng Shui principles, we are also inspired to make changes and try new things in our spaces. Feng Shui is every bit a state of mind of positive thinking and a solid thought process filled with good intentions as it is about the changes we bring about in our environments. So go ahead, make some changes and see how you feel; I would bet your outcomes will help create positive transformations!

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