I am a firm believer in the beautiful art of Feng Shui, what some people refer to as the “Art of Mindful Placement.” Many people tout the virtues of Feng Shui including Donald Trump and Mayor Bloomberg and a client I had just last week; not as well known, perhaps, but every bit as happy with her results. Some look at Feng Shui as just a balancing of the energies, to help promote peace, harmony and attract all the wonderful things you want into your life. Still others consider it more of a science including directionality and some complicated calculations involved to help you achieve what you are looking for from a consultation.

No matter how Feng Shui is practiced, it should always be done with the utmost Mindful Intent. And through the years I have seen that it doesn’t really matter if suggestions are different from different Practitioners if their utmost goal is to create prosperity in all the senses for their clients.
Many people wonder, then, why some people achieve results faster than others. Or why some don’t seem to have much of anything change in their lives. There are several reasons why you may not see a great improvement from your consultation and knowing what you, the client, needs to do (and not do) is of the utmost importance. You can actually get in your own way of bringing about the things you would like to happen in several different ways.

You get back what you give out has long been a popular saying. So when a client calls for a consultation I make them aware that I cannot come and magically fix their lives; it is also their energy, their intent and their mindfulness when making any changes that need to be in place. Oftentimes I work with people on a strict budget and try to use items they already own and just change the flow by asking them to place it in a different area. Grabbing it and moving it to get it done isn’t going to do much; during each and every change you make you should keep in mind your INTENTION for moving it and what you would like to create. Changing energy in a positive manner cannot be accomplished without the Intention of what you are seeking behind it.

How else can you “get in your own way?” Some clients feel they are so “stuck” that no matter how much time we spend discussing the reasons they may be feeling that way they never can get motivated to incorporate any of the suggestions that are made to them. Or they may make a few changes and then stop. All suggestions are made with a specific reason and intention in mind and all changes should be made. Changing the energy in a positive way requires a positive thought process. Be careful of what you send up and try very hard to stay focused and optimistic as your belief system is an important part of this process.

Lastly, be patient. Change takes longer in some cases then it does for others but it DOES happen. One of the first things we learned as consultants was that we CAN promise to move the energy; we cannot promise to move the energy into having outcomes exactly as you would like. You can’t be resistant to the changes that are occurring. Being too impatient after a consultation can often set you back.

You need to let the changes occur at a natural pace and becoming too impatient actually puts a block to the process of Feng Shui. And Feng Shui is exactly that, a process of changing more then just the position of your bed. You need to change your thoughts, your intentions, send up only the best energy and try to visualize the results you are looking for. Get out of your own way and allow the process to occur at its own pace.
Remember good intentions never fail. When you work with your consultant keep these things in mind, follow their advice and you will have only the best of outcomes from your consultation.

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Certified Feng Shui Consultant since 1997 for Homes, Businesses and Realtors on Long Island and New York City and Founder of Feng Shui Long Island. Published Author, keynote speaker. Please visit my website for additional information and services at http://www.FengShuiLI.com