Qigong is the art of exploring and transforming the celestial and inner sound vibrations which create our life and world.

It is both healing movements and non touch vibratory and spiritual healing techniques which can be used to guide oneself and others along healing pathways. One can be guided vibrationally at any distance with Qigong Energy Medicine.

The Qigong movements I teach my students to take responsibility for the ongoing improvement of their well being and to continue healing and growing into a more pleasant body and emotional state. Qigong helps one develop a consciousness of there own energy body and is a great set of tools for dealing with the imbalances in your organ systems.

It helps one to gradually recognize, acknowledge, and release the blind spots we carry of blockages intentionally forgotten by our conscious mind. This ancient Chinese healing system guides one back into connection with their breath, and the flow of energy in and out of their body through every pore.

It teaches us to live from our center, and to get back in touch with our gut or Dan Tien which is the most powerful energy aspects of our body. It helps one get out of the head.

On a moment to moment basis we can stop and release on a surface level many of the ailments which bother us. With Qigong you can reduce or eliminate your pains, while increasing your energy and vitality. Stress can be greatly reduced, transforming the ongoing daily burden we carry on our shoulders to a supportive situation.

Post accident, trauma or surgery healing process can be accelerated by maintaining a better flow of energy in your organs, meridians channels and body. Qigong practices can help you strengthen their immune system to promote improved health.

Author's Bio: 

I awoke to my gift as a talented healer using qi or energy in 1988. My love for this type of activity led me to study Qigong with Dr. Robert Carpenter.

In Santa Fe New Mexico I have a active energy healing practice, teach Qigong classes, workshops and lead group healing sessions and more.

My objective is to guide students along a transformational path to access the life and healing potential which is inherent within them.