Since biblical times, the power of possibility thinking has been documented by innumerable authors. And, over the last century, authors and motivational speakers such as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Robert Schuller, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer and many more have extolled the virtues of believing that we, each and every one of us, are capable of achieving things far beyond the ordinary.

More recently, a smaller group of authors have taken to documenting the power of an even more potent way of thinking – quantum leap thinking. Back in 1981, Fred Alan Wolf wrote a thought provoking book, Taking the Quantum Leap. In his book, Wolf suggested that the same force that had revolutionized physics in the early 1900's, the notion of quantum mechanics, could be applied to human behavior. Other authors, such as Dr. Price Pritchett (The Quantum Leap Strategy) and James Mapes (Quantum Leap Thinking), subsequently moved Wolf's work forward with their writings on how quantum leap thinking could be a force more powerful than possibility thinking.

Quantum leap thinking is possibility thinking freed up (1) from the limitations of our assumption that things progress sequentially, and (2) from our fear of significant change.

The essence of quantum physics is that all things do not happen in a sequential or connected way. Those of us who are not scientists frequently view the world... and therefore that which is possible... as being very sequential. Most people believe there are limits to how much their income can grow in the next year, or how much revenues in their company could grow in the next year, or how much their golf game could improve, or how much their health could improve, or even how much a relationship with another person could improve.

The fact is that we can have a quantum leap in the results we achieve if we see such as possible and overcome our fears of making such a leap and take action by making the leap.

There are six steps to becoming one who consistently achieves the Quantum Leap:

1. Apply Quantum Leap Thinking Continually – Train your mind to see beyond the immediate and the obvious. Think big and avoid the natural tendency to prematurely conjure up barriers to attaining that which you imagine as possible. As Dr. Price Pritchett says "think beyond what common sense would allow."

2. Avoid Succumbing to the Attitude of Instant Gratification – One of the most formidable barriers to consistent achievement of quantum leaps is the desire for instant gratification. Many of the best things in life are not instant, quick "fixes." Attainment of the best things often requires consistent application of effort for which results are delayed – albeit spectacular when finally achieved. Learn how to avoid developing the Attitude of Instant Gratification – an attitude that frequently stops the quantum leap before it can even begin.

3. Reign in your F.E.A.R. – As much as we may want the results accompanying a quantum leap, we often fear the actions needed. And, super results often create super fears. But, risk is not always proportionate to return for many risks can be covered or hedged. To be a quantum leap thinker, you must come to understand your fear mechanisms. You must be able to differentiate fear of real risks from False Evidence Appearing Real.

4. Take Action; Make the Leap – The world is full of dreamers... the "would haves" and "could haves" who are full of excuses why they did not accomplish that of which they dreamed. Quantum leap embodies action right in the words. Leap... take action! Not reckless action. But action that is planned with diligent attention to dealing with all real risks. Come to appreciate the power of failure when it does occur.

5. See Every Event that Appears as a Setback as an Opportunity –Learn to accept the bumpiness along the road of life. No mortal has a forever smooth road. No one! Because we can not walk in the shoes of others, it may seem that others have it smooth. But in reality, no one has it smooth. Now, some do manage to make life smoother by learning to deal more effectively with the bumps. And, the truly gifted develop the capability to take adversity and to channel adversity into positive experiences.

6. Surround Yourself with other Quantum Leapers – The people with whom you associate have an enormous impact on your life. Make the choice to surround yourself with people who are, at minimum, possibility thinkers. And seek out relationships with those relatively rare individuals who are quantum leap thinkers. How does one find quantum leap thinkers? Look to those achieving extraordinary success in any field.
Quantum leap thinking really can produce extraordinary results for you. And when transformed into Quantum Leverage, your strengths can be magnified many times over.

Open your mind to the awesome potential of quantum leap thinking!

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Dave Carpenter’s name is synonymous with corporate and personal peak performance. Over a 25 year career in corporate restructuring, Dave became widely recognized as one of the leaders in this field. As a result, he has long been annually recognized as an honoree in Who’s Who in Law, and Who’s Who in Finance.

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