One of the major reasons why people fail to succeed is the non-implementation of their thoughts, ideas & desires.

Let us see why people fail to implement whatever they wanted.


1. Non-implementation of anything is due to lack of thought stress on the same…??? Confused?

Here's something more about it that we don't realize.

It is the tendency of the human mind to decrease the intensity of any thought with time. So there should be enough time spent on any thought to maintain its intensity after which the thought is implemented.

Let us say a person wanted to exercise everyday.

First day he runs 5 kilometers

Second day he runs 3 kilometers

Third day he runs 1 kilometers

Fourth day, slight pain in the thigh, implementation postponed.

Fifth day.. Forgets

Sixth day……………….. The idea of Exercising …Gone

Why did this idea flop? Just because the person did not spend enough time thinking about exercises.

Here our thoughts could be our Ideas, desires or Goals.

Failing to implement these could make your life meaningless.

So at the end of everyday we should allot a regular time for analyzing yourself. This duration is called Prime Time.

Inside Prime Time

1. Think how important are your routines for you. ( Yoga , Exercise, Family time etc.,)
2. Think about the progress of yourself towards your Goals, Vision & Mission.
3. Think how have you updated yourself.
4. Think how you have spent the day.
5. Plan how to spend the next day.

People who conduct 'PRIME TIME' make a big difference when it comes to Successful implementation.

-----------------------------------------------------------2. The second reason for non-implementation of thoughts, ideas and desires are the absence of deadlines for them.

Because deadlines create the urge to implement things instantly.

Deadlines create urgency levels which in turn create the necessary will power to act on our thoughts and ensure implementation of the same.

Deadlines serve as a motivating factor for the mind to visualize the implementation of the thought.

3. The third main reason for non-implementation of thoughts, ideas and desires is the imbalance of energy levels.

For any thought to be implemented, there needs to be a higher quantity of positive energy units than the negative energy units.

The factors which create positive energy i.e. which motivate a person to act on the thought are called Push factors and those that create negative energy i.e. which disturb a person from acting on it are called Pull factors.

For example, For any person to exercise, the push factors could be

1. Role Models
2. Company
3. Climate
4. Diseases

and for the same the pull factors could be

1. Laziness
2. Pain
3. Lack of time

If the push factors weigh more than the pull factors then the thought could be easily implemented. Otherwise implementation of the thought is not possible.

In that case we should try to add more push factors to that thought which enables its implementation. So for any thought to be implemented the push factors should be more than the pull factors.


i) Conducting PRIME TIME
ii) Creating Deadlines
iii) Analyzing energy levels and increasing positive energy units through push factors

are the three reasons for non-implementation of all our thoughts, ideas and desires.

Author's Bio: 

Sundar Rabindranath, A Corporate Trainer, from Chennai, Southern India, has got seven years of rich experience in Training people under various subjects on Personality Development.